Honeywell Thor VM3 Vehicle Mounted Computers

The Honeywell Thor VM3 – a high performance vehicle-mount computer designed for even the most challenging environments, such as distribution centers, production plants, cargo operations etc. A strong dual core processor and large memory options ensure smooth and fast processing of information as well as real-time data access from any location. With a large palette of optional features it is possible to customize the computer to exactly meet your specific needs.


HONEYWELL THOR VM3: Advanced, powerful, reliable

  • strong: Intel Atom E3826 1.5 GHz dual core processor
  • steady: reliable data processing, stable wireless connectivity
  • durable: field replaceable operating panel, IP66, resistant against shock and vibration

Thor stands for the God of Thunder and depicts a mighty warrior to illustrate the characteristics of Honeywell’s vehicle-mounted computer Thor VM3. Due to its rugged construction it is a perfect match for rough environments. With the Smart Dock function the computer can be attached to and detached from the vehicle in no time. This enables an easy swap of the device to instantly adapt to new tasks or circumstances. If necessary, the control panel unit can be replaced on site to save time and resources. Even complex computer programs and applications can be handled by the powerful Intel dual core processor. Memory is extendable to 4 GB RAM and 64 GB SSD.

The Honeywell Thor VM3 comes with integrated WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth for stable connectivity. A choice of Microsoft-based operating systems ensures simple integration. Available operating systems:

Windows Embedded Compact 7

Windows Embedded Standard 7

Windows 7

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise (Win 10 Industry)

To customize the Honeywell Thor VM3 choose either the standard 12.1” resistive touch screen or the capacitive multi-touch display. For outdoor applications there is a brighter outdoor display available. To enhance safety when driving the vehicle, it is possible to add a screen blanking feature that automatically triggers as soon as the vehicle moves so as not to distract the driver’s attention. Should the computer be used in freezer areas, the optional screen defroster enables functioning at temperatures as low as -30° C. The WWAN radio option includes GPS. 7 programmable multi-function keys complement the touch screen.

It’s all in the name – Thor VM3: Honeywell’s advanced, powerful and reliable vehicle-mount terminal.

Technical specification

Product Category
Mobile Computers
Vehicle Mounted Computers
Display Size
Communication Interface
WLAN, WWAN,Bluetooth, GPS
Operating System
Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7, Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Embedded 8.1, Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise (Win 10 Industry)
Dual Core Intel Atom E3826
Data Capture
1D, 2D
variety Scan-Engines
Operating Temperature
-30°C to 50°C
5% to 95%, non-condensing
Seven programmable multi-function keys
industrial resistive touchscreen, industrial capacitive touchscreen
Special Features
multimodal vehicle computer, deep-freeze suitably
Telephone request
+49 (511) 76920-0
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