Advantech DLoG TREK-306DH Vehicle Mounted Computers

The Advantech-DLoG TREK-306DH In-Vehicle Smart Display is the perfect fit for truck cabins and other large vehicles. Because of its large touch screen and its rugged configuration, it is easy to handle even while driving.


Advantech-DLoG TREK-306DH: Easy-to-handle and robust vehicle display

  • connectivity: easy connection to various interfaces
  • adaptability: automatic brightness changes
  • sturdiness: robust but lightweight housing
  • usability: simple handling via touch screen

The TREK-306DH vehicle display is suitable for Mobile Resource Management systems in the field of transportation and dispatch.

With a resolution of 1024 x 768, the Advantech-DLoG TREK-306DH touch screen is optimally made for sturdy surroundings like cabins of a large vehicle for transportation. Especially in that area you need to have a display that is easy to use – sometimes even while you are driving. Also, a facilitation for the driver is an automatically adaptable light sensor that regulates the brightness of the display to optimize the usability.

This lightweight display can be used in areas of temperatures between -30° C and 70° C. Its easy installation and various connection ports increase the flexibility of the TREK-306DH.

With only five function keys it is particularly simple to use the device. Aside from that these keys are free programmable so that the user can decide which keys and functions are mostly needed. The compatibility with the TREK box solution happens via a single cable. Additionally, there are extended I/O ports like USB 2.0 Type A, power button and reset button. Two integrated speakers are a helpful application when it comes to navigation.

With the Advantech-DLoG TREK-306DH you keep being on the right track and always reach your destination.

Technical specification

Product Category
Mobile Computers
Vehicle Mounted Computers
Advantech DLoG
Display Size
Communication Interface
Operating Temperature
-30°C to 70°C
5 x User-programmable Function key with green LED
5-wire resistive
Special Features
resistantly against pushes and vibration
Telephone request
+49 (511) 76920-0
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