Datalogic Joya X2 Mobile Computers

Datalogic’s Joya X2 is a handy mobile terminal that features a wide range of applications. There are three different versions available: self-shopping device Joya X2 Basic, self-shopping device Joya X2 Plus and general-purpose terminal Plus. Hardware and Software can be adjusted according to individual needs. Surprise your customers by offering a brand-new shopping experience, improve customer service to increase customer loyalty and safe operational costs. The general purpose model Joya X2 Plus is suited for a broad spectrum of applications such as inventory management, queue-busting etc.


Datalogic Joya X2: Let’s get colorful

  • innovative: self-shopping or general purpose models
  • clever: suitable software solutions
  • variable: colorful top covers and key pads

Datalogic’s Joya X2 self-shopping model enables customers to independently find product information and their attention will be drawn to additional suitable articles or alternative options. Customers will receive special offers and discount vouchers to make shopping even more attractive. The handy little mobile terminal is really versatile. It reads 1D and 2D bar codes off labels, mobile devices or digital price tags. The Joya X2 reduces queues at checkout points and helps preventing incorrect pricing.

Six programmable keys make the Datalogic Joya X2 particularly easy to use. The patented “Green Spot” technology provides good-read confirmation. Battery is replaceable. Top cover and key pad can be customized.

Joya X2 self-shopping versions:

-Basic: no touchscreen, WiFi, Windows CE 6.0 Core (optional: Windows CE 6.0 Professional)

-Plus: touchscreen, larger internal memory, SD slot, Bluetooth, WLAN, Windows CE 6.0 Professional

Joya X2 general-purpose version:

-Plus: touchscreen, larger internal memory, SD slot, Bluetooth, WLAN, Windows CE 6.0 Professional

Technical specification

Product Category
Mobile Computers
Handheld Computers
Display Size
Communication Interface
USB, WLAN, Bluetooth
Operating System
Microsoft Windows CE 6.0, Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld 6.0
XScale PXA310
256 MB RAM/512MB Flash, 256 MB RAM/1 GB Flash
4 GB SD-Card
Data Capture
1D, 2D
variety Scan-Engines
Operating Temperature
0°C to 40°C
6 Fully programmable keys available in standard colors: Blue, Green, Red, Orange
Special Features
individually formable cover with logo


Telephone request
+49 (511) 76920-0
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