Datalogic QuickScan Lite QW2400 Barcode Scanner

Datalogic developed again a new outstanding model of barcode scan systems with a balance of performance, ergonomics and durability. With the Datalogic QuickScan QW2400 area-imager, various points of day-to-day operations can be taken care of. The handheld scanner offers you rapid and safe scan work without interruptions. It is very simple to configure, easy to use and delivers best scanning performance at a low acquisition cost.


Datalogic QuickScan QW2400: Your needs as users stand in the foreground

  • flexible: detection of all codes by a wide scanning angle and a wide field of view
  • simple: user-friendly handling
  • thorough: reads all 1D and 2D codes
  • reliable: Read Receipt trough patented „Green Spot “-Technology

The new Area Imager QuickScan QW2400 fully complies with all existing and future requirements of scanning processes in retail, light industry, and document and bill processing in banking and finance. The device scanner is a fast, flexible and user-friendly system that can be used as a powerful hand scanner even in extreme environments and allows you a simple and time-saving workflow.

With the QuickScan QW2400, Datalogic offers an ideal entry-level model for scanning of all 1D as well as 2D codes. The extra-wide field of view makes it easy to read even long and truncated encodings also of display surfaces of mobile devices. The patented "Green Spot" technology guarantees reliable scanning. After each barcode successfully captured, the scanner signals a visual reading confirmation that is very useful in a noisy environment.

The compact and light design as well as an ergonomic shape ensure a comfortable working and enable a smooth scanning process. The innovative bright lighting combined with a blue target point offer the best possible detection without irritating the user's eyes. This makes the handheld scanner extremely user-friendly in everyday applications.

Technical specification

Product Category
Barcode Scanners
Handheld Scanners
Scan Technology
1D Imager, 2D Imager
Multi-Interface (USB, KBW, RS232)
Colour Options
Operating Temperature
0°C to 50°C
Telephone request
+49 (511) 76920-0
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