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label printers


Label printers used for commercial purposes must fulfil a variety of requirements. The market offers an extensive range to match the numerous applications. Our product portfolio - based on years of experience and detailed knowledge of the latest technologies - consists of the best possible solutions for each industry and customer-specific requirement. In addition to our extensive service, printers and accessories are available in the following categories:

  • mobile printers
  • desktop printers
  • industrial printers
  • print engines
  • label software
  • media supplies

Media Supplies

To enquire media supplies please use the online enquiry form for media supplies.

All our products represent an excellent price-performance ratio and meet our high quality standards. They are ideally suited for various branches of industry such as logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, customer service, as well as public authorities, retail or POS. This is also reflected in the choice of manufacturers whose products we supply and with whom we have enjoy superb relationships that have developed over many years. We can supply label printers and label software from the following manufacturers:

  • Citizen
  • Epson
  • Honeywell/Intermec
  • NiceLabel
  • Printronix
  • SATO
  • Seagull
  • TSC
  • Teklynx
  • Toshiba Tec
  • Zebra


Whether commerce, trade, logistics or production - there is a demand for label printers everywhere where there is a need for large amounts of marking or labelling. Whether this is in a fixed location in an office or mobile in a sales and distribution environment. Printers of labels are versatile, flexible in their application and automate work processes.

Label printers offer numerous features and functions – from the low-cost printer for occasional use to the state-of-the-art industrial printer that is in sustained operation. The range of applications and types of printer cover mobile printers, desktop printers and permanently installed floor-mounted equipment, as well as rugged RFID printers and industrial printers.

Label Printers - versatile and reliable
Label printers are versatile, highly reliable and cover a wide range of printing applications:

  • mobile printers: portable printers for barcodes, supporting documents and tickets - increase productivity in any location
  • desktop printers: functional label printers, receipt and document printers - perfect for applications with minimal space requirements
  • industrial printers: versatile label printers for products, invoices and packing slips - for continuous use and high printing speeds
  • RFID printers: from mobile printers to fixed-mount industrial printers - identify, manage, track and optimize your inventory management and logistics

GLOBOS retains an extensive range of label printers so that the correct printer type can be supplied for every media type and application. Our expert customer service staff can help you select the best equipment as well as establish how to integrate it into existing systems. We supply extremely durable, high-quality original products that ensure your business does not suffer from any sudden downtime - and at the same time we offer our expertise in project planning, installation and maintenance.

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Criteria for choosing a Label Printer
Our label printers can be classified into two basic categories: direct thermal printers and thermal transfer printers. They differ by the type of printing process which is determined according to the intended use of the labels.

An additional consideration is the daily print volume which we can roughly divide into small, medium and high volume printing:

  • low print volume: up to 500 labels per day
  • medium print volume: up to 3,000 labels per day
  • high print volume: more than 3,000 labels per day

In order to find the right equipment for your purposes, it is essential to give due consideration to this aspect as the corresponding devices vary significantly in price, ruggedness, printing speed, etc. Additional factors to be considered when choosing the right label printer are: label size, print resolution, label use, required interfaces and much more. We will be happy to provide detailed advice and help you to select the most appropriate printer.

Different types of Label Printers

Thermal Printers: direct thermal and thermal transfer printers

Label printers, that is thermal printers, function entirely "pressureless" according to the thermal printing method. This means that rather by mechanical impact as in classical printing, thermal printing produces the printed image by the application of localised heat. The thermal print head consists of an array of small heating resistances that are heated when the label paper (or other media) passes by. In this way a printed image is created. The resolution (print density), specified in dpi (dot per inch), is determined by the physical properties of the print head. There are essentially two printing techniques for thermal printing:

Direct thermal printers

Thermal printing requires thermosensitive paper. Printing is achieved via a thermal print head or a thermal bar and - depending on the paper - is most frequently monochrome black. Since the paper is lightweight and temperature-sensitive - depending on quality and type - the image may fade after some time. This can often be observed with till receipts or old labels. The advantage is that no additional consumables, such as ink ribbons, are needed. Direct thermal printers are low maintenance and feature a long service life. Till receipts, checks, parking tickets, shipping labels, price tags, etc. are often printed using direct thermal printers.

Thermal transfer printers

Thermal transfer printing requires a special film which is melted by heat from a thermal print head leaving the desired image on the paper. The print quality is very precise and it has a slight gloss. There is no fading, as in the case of labels that are created with the direct thermal printing method. Thermal transfer printers can be used for similar applications as direct thermal printers. However, they have a longer operating life.
Thermal transfer printers are especially suitable for printing data such as serial numbers or warranty details onto equipment and other items.

Label printers, card printers or wristband printers differ not only by printing technology and the corresponding quality, price and scope of application, but also by the different resolution, print width (label width), interfacing and compatibility (e.g. label software), print speed, RFID printing and other characteristics.

Depending on how it is to be used, every printer offers additional options and applications. Examples of useful functions are the cutter which automatically cuts off labels or the applicator which automatically attaches labels to the target surface. In addition to defining features such as label width, label rolls, print volume, print speed, associated label software and its functionality, resolution (dpi) and consumables, each printer is designed for a specific role. A comparison of the various fields of application can be found in the following sections.

Mobile Printers

By using wireless printers, you increase the efficiency and quality of your staff‘s performance. Mobile printers from Zebra or Honeywell increase the efficiency of your entire business. Field staff can issue invoices and receipts to your customers while still on site, municipal authorities can easily generate parking tickets and price labels can be printed directly where the product is stored. Mobile label printers bring more flexibility to your business and at the same time they save time and money. We offer a large variety of mobile label printers to facilitate your work. Rather than return to your workplace every time you need another label or write the same label by hand for the umpteenth time, benefit from the wide range of options on offer and ask about the best mobile printer for your requirements right here.

Desktop Printers - small, quiet and intuitive

Desktop label printers are the ideal support in every office and business. Desktop printers are usually the little helpers that print labels at comparatively low cost and are

  • intuitive to use and easy to install
  • they do not cause disruptive noise in the surrounding environment,
  • they fulfil the requirements of modern, expandable equipment
  • and they increase employee productivity.

This type of user-friendly printers offers great versatility. Rapidly print your own labels, wristbands and documents for invoices, patient records or food marking.

Desktop Printer fields of application and industry segments

  • Public Authorities - document management and data management
  • Healthcare and Hospitals - labelling of medical records
  • Medical Practitioners and Pharmacies - labelling medicines and issuing prescriptions
  • Manufacturing and Production - inventory management
  • Retail and Food Trade - pricing
  • Transport and Logistics - tracking of products and commodities

Whether pharmacy, doctor's practice, trade, transport or public authority, we guarantee to supply the best label printer for your requirements.

Industrial Printers

Industrial printers are rugged printers that ensure high reliability and durability when kept in continuous operation. Industrial printers offer a variety of tailor-made applications and functions that are specifically designed to operate in demanding industrial environments. Improve your process efficiency and increase productivity with an industrial printer from Zebra or Honeywell.

Industrial printers can simplify processes. Whether transport, retail or healthcare, you can find help for executing your processes within our product portfolio. Select equipment that precisely matches your needs and benefit from the numerous possibilities for simplifying your work.

RFID Printers

RFID printers from Zebra and Honeywell bring greater transparency to your inventory control systems. Are you already managing your inventory effectively? An RFID printer represents the key component of a modern ERP system. With this system, you can quickly and accurately record all goods and transactions in your company and optimize your processes. Track, manage and optimize your data collection with an RFID-enabled label printer. From mobile to fixed-mount industrial printers: we can supply equipment for all your needs.

Label printers can be used in a variety of applications, whether in healthcare, production, by public authorities or in logistics companies:

  • reduce your administrative burden and save costs
  • control and optimize your inventory management
  • reduce your error rate and improve your performance

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