special printers

special printers

Fanfold Laser Printers - Card Printers - Matrix Printers

The special printers category includes all those printers which are not label printers in the classical sense but certainly qualify for a place within the automated data collection process chain. These products are included in the following printer categories:

  • fanfold laser printers
  • card printers
  • dot-Matrix printers
  • line Matrix printers

In most cases special printers are capable of fulfilling a wide variety of printing needs. They can be used for multiple functions and are suitable for remote print jobs. We offer a wide range of device types within each printer category that cover the whole spectrum of printing requirements. Many years of cooperation with the following manufacturers have shown them to be the best for our customers and ourselves: Printronix, PSI, Zebra

We are happy to provide detailed advice about the different equipment types and assist with choosing the right printer for your specific purpose. Just contact us when the need arises.

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