Datalogic Gryphon GM4100 Barcode Scanner

Are you looking for a linear barcode scanner that is fast and reliable and, in addition, wireless to ensure maximum freedom of movement? Then the Datalogic Gryphon GM4100 is just right for you. Particularly noteworthy is the narrow-band radio function "STAR Cordless System", which provides a stable 2-way connection to data communication over large ranges. With up to 325 scans in a second, a huge workload can be managed quickly. With the Gryphon GM4100, you can make workflows even more effective - in retail, warehouse, government, banking and many other areas.

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DATALOGIC GRYPHON GM4100: Convincing Performance

  • trouble-free: narrowband radio avoids irritations with WiFi connections
  • fast: 325 scans per second
  • freedom of movement: cordless linear barcode scanner

The Gryphon GM4100 can be used as a hand-held or as a presentation scanner. The cradle can be set up for convenient scanning into 2 different positions and allows simultaneous scanning and charging of the battery. Depending on the frequency, the range of up to 30 m gives a huge freedom of movement. The batch mode, which allows you to store more than 1200 barcodes, will not lose any data, even if the maximum range is exceeded.

After reading a barcode, the user receives an acoustic feedback as well as a visual reading confirmation by the patented Datalogic “Green Spot” technology. The Datalogic Gryphon GM4100 is also characterized by its robust design. It easily withstands falls from a height of 1.8 m and has protection class IP52.

There is also a Gryphon GM4100-version with display and 3 buttons for convenient control of the battery status, radio status as well as for communication with the host. In addition, there is an option to check for counterfeit money. For healthcare applications look at the GM4100-HC.

Technical specification

Product Category Barcode Scanners
Category Wireless Scanners
Manufacturer Datalogic
Scan Technology 1D Imager
Interface USB, Bluetooth, Serial, Keyboard Wedge
Colour Options black|white
Sealing IP52
Operating Temperature -20°C to 70 °C
Display No
Read Rate (max.) 325 Scans/s


Datasheet Datalogic GM4100 (EN)

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