Epson TM-C3400-LT Label Printers

  • colorful: full color ink technology
  • easy-to-use: integrated touch screen, plug & play concept
  • latest technology: automatic nozzle check function
  • compact: small footprint
  • high-quality: resolution of 720 dpi

The Epson TM-C3400-LT label printer is a computer-independent label terminal. An integrated touch screen allows for particularly easy operation. In addition, this label printer gives you an ideal print resolution of 720 x 360 dpi.

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Epson TM-C3400-LT: Brillant Color Printing

Thanks to advanced inkjet technology, labels, tickets and wristbands can be printed in the best possible quality. With a maximum of 720 dpi print resolution, sharp results with a brilliant color rendering can be achieved. Due to the compact system, consisting of printer and large touch screen, the label printer has a particularly small footprint. This is why the entire terminal fits even into the smallest spaces. The latest touch screen technology is particularly convenient and easy to use. In addition, the screen can be tilted up to 90°, allowing to choose the perfect viewing angle. The screen as well as the entire housing is resistant to the ingress of dirt, dust and moisture.

The plug & play feature simplifies setup and configuration of the Epson TM-C3400-LT so that the smart label printer is ready for use in no time. Simply connect the hardware and start printing. For employees there is no need to have a long and cumbersome user training.

Easily print your own drafts with this label maker, eliminating the extra cost of pre-printed or stocked documents. You save material and operating costs.

With this Epson label printer, you can use a variety of media, for example matte, synthetic or glossy printing material. This offers optimal flexibility.

Epson’s patented automatic nozzle test (AID) ensures a continually high print quality.

You want fast and optimal inkjet printing? You need a compact footprint and a computer-independent label printer that prints in full color on a variety of materials? Then the Epson TM-C3400-LT is the right choice for you.