Epson TM-L500A Label Printers

  • reliable: boarding passes and luggage tags available immediately
  • fast: 250 mm per second
  • flexible: variable print widths
  • lightweight: weighs only 2.8 kg
  • convenient: USB 2.0/9-pin serial

Perfect for airport operations, where things need to be done quickly but also for many other areas: this is the Epson TM-L500A. It provides fast label printing and has many options to customize your label printer to individual needs.

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EPSON TM-L500A: Up in the Air!

The Epson TM-L500A ticket printer is an ideal solution to optimize operations, especially at airports. At the check-in counter, this printer will provide your boarding passes and luggage tags. To make things happen quickly, this label printer has a print speed of 250 mm per second. All major airport systems and communication platforms such as CUPPS, CUSS, AEA 2009 and IATA are supported by this label printer. This means that the Epson TM-L500A label printers can be integrated smoothly at any airport.

With the Windows driver from Epson, the label printer can be conveniently controlled from any Windows application, ensuring compatibility with the most common systems.

The Epson TM-L500A offers excellent reliability and durability. With the automatic paper cutter, 1 million cuts of POS paper are possible. A flexible paper roll holder allows variable paper widths. Available sizes are 54 mm, 80 mm and 82 mm.

Weighing only 2.8 kg, the printer is a real lightweight. This allows you to flexibly move your printer from one place to another. For convenient connectivity, the Epson TM-L500A label printer is equipped with two different interfaces: a USB 2.0 and a 9-pin serial port.

For the TM-L500A label printer by Epson, there are several useful options available, for example, an LCD display, a control panel or an external paper roll holder.

Special features:

  • Print speed of 250 mm per second
  • Interfaces: USB 2.0/9-pin serial
  • Supports CUPPS, CUSS, AEA2009, IATA
  • Windows drivers
  • Paper widths: 54 mm, 80 mm, 82 mm