Honeywell HX3 Mobile Computers

The ergonomic Honeywell HX3 is a wearable voice-directed computer. The robust magnesium alloyed housing allows applications in cold storage environments up to -40°F. With a maximum of 12 hours battery runtime it helps to increase productivity. The HX3 also supports applications with wireless or wired barcode-scanners, imagers and headsets.

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Honeywell HX3 Mobile Computer: Wearable voice-directed Helper

  • durable: long-lasting battery up to 12 hours
  • rugged: IP54-rated, for temperatures as low as -40° F
  • simple: large eyes-free keypad for a good usability
  • user-friendly: wrist mounted or worn with hip-flip accessory

The voice-directed Honeywell HX3 Mobile Computer is perfect for fast-paced quick-picking environments. Even when it comes to hectic situations this mobile computer helps to increase productivity. For hand-free working you can wear it wrist mounted or around your hips. By using a ring scanner and/or headset you will achieve even more efficient working.

The large eyes-free keypad allows easy handling. Due to its robust housing it is rated IP54. While reducing downtimes it also reduces your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
Multiple drops to concrete, water and dirt are no problem for the rugged mobile computer.

Its magnesium alloy bezel enables applications in cold storage environments, working in temperatures as low as -40°F is possible. With a maximum battery runtime up to 12 hours you can work all day long without unnecessary interruptions.

Because of the lightweight of 9.3oz (264g) it is very comfortable for everyday use. The ToughTalk 4-pin connector minimizes crosstalk. The HX3 also supports applications with wireless or wired barcode-scanners, imagers and headsets.

Technical specification

Product Category Mobile Computers
Category Handheld Terminal
Manufacturer Honeywell
Display Size 3.5"
Communication Interface WLAN, Bluetooth
Operating System Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 Professional
CPU Intel XScale PXA255
Memory 128 MB RAM/512 MB Flash
Data Capture 1D, 2D
Scanning variety Scan-Engines
Sealing IP54
Operating Temperature -20°C to 50°C
Humidity 5% to 90%, non-condensing
Keyboard 4 keys, 3 function keys + 1 modifier key allows 3 one-touch keys & 3 two-touch keys
Special Features linguistic-steered


Datasheet Honeywell HX3 (EN)

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