Honeywell SR61HD DPM Barcode Scanner

The SR61HD DPM scanner from Honeywell scans reliably etched or casted direct part marks (DPM). It is a useful helper for automotive and pharmaceutical industries, aviation and electronic manufacturing.

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Honeywell SR61HD DPM: DPM-Ready Handheld Scanner for Industries

This scanner from the Honeywell SR61 family has been specifically designed for reading DPM codes. The SR61HD DPM also detects 1D and 2D barcodes. It is an allrounder of the latest generation. The imager ensures fast capturing of the codes and realtime data transmission. An extremely powerful scanner, which is also very robust and can be used for demanding applications.

The IP54 protection class ensures the resistance even against extreme heat, cold, water or dust. The SR61HD DPM scanner from Honeywell has been designed for harsh environments.

The ergonomic grip and the omnidirectional scanning functions improve the operational efficiency of this scanner. It is as well comfortable and easy to carry – no more fatigue symptoms will occure.

The SR61HD DPM has excellent motion tolerance – up to 1270 cm / s – for extremely high reactivity. The device also offers integrated functions that increase the versatility of the scanner – for example, data parsing, multicode reading, and image- and video -capturing.

Implement the SR61HD DPM in your workflow and see how powerful, resilient and reliable it is.

Further product details:
• Operating time: 10+ hours
• Weight: 320g
• Operating temperature: -20°C to + 0°C