Loftware NiceLabel Label Management System Software

  • organized: Document Management System (DMS), central database and central management
  • efficient: standardized and consistent label printing across all locations, inclusion of business partners, drag-and-drop application builder
  • fast: uncomplicated label design and modification, intuitive interface, pre-built label templates complying with industry standards
  • integrated: tied into corporate systems for seamless processes, for 64-bit architecture
  • flexible: on-premise solution (LMS Pro or LMS Enterprise) or out-of-the-box cloud use with flexible subscription options available
  • scalable: for only a few or thousands of printers

NiceLabel is one of the worldwide leading providers for label printing and printer management software solutions. With its Label Management System (LMS), NiceLabel opens horizons in terms of label design, document management, web printing and integration of printing tasks into the company’s systems (e.g. ERP system, MES, WMS). This scalable LMS approach virtually saves money – it ensures uncomplicated implementation and use across the enterprise and prevents downtimes. Additionally, it is possible to use the out-of-the-box Label Cloud service, reducing IT costs, keeping the system up to date and providing high security. NiceLabel takes complexity out of label printing and enables automated printing by putting the control of only a few or thousands of printers at your fingertips.

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Loftware NiceLabel LABEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (LMS): Perfecting Label Printing

Organizing and streamlining printers and printing processes across the company, including different locations worldwide and comprising multiple printer models, can be a real challenge. With the NiceLabel Label Management System (LMS), it is possible to design, manage and print labels. The entire printing process is integrated into existing business systems, such as ERP, MES, WMS or SAP. For optimal performance, NiceLabel LMS can process data from any protocol and it is devised for a 64-bit computer architecture. Centralized data storage and control of the printing processes throughout the enterprise enhance procedures as well as quality and efficiency of label printing, regardless of the number of printers used.

NiceLabel LMS comes with exceptional label design capabilities providing graphical design features. A new label can be created within minutes without any programming skills. The user interface is inspired by MS Word and therefore easy to use. There are user guides, a knowledge base and training videos available. Templates can be saved and connected to dynamic data sources to ensure that content is up to date at all times. LMS also ensures regulatory compliance. Created templates are compatible with any printer in the company.

At the heart of NiceLabel LMS is its unique Document Management System (DMS). Central control and management of data and printer licenses ensure transparency and reduce errors. Data in the central database can be automatically synchronized with all involved devices at any location. By means of a central index, templates can be found quickly and easily. The NiceLabel LMS document management system provides a test environment to check label composition and content before going live and it also includes version control (Please note: This feature is only included in the LMS Enterprise version.). When changes are made, the label compare feature graphically highlights all modifications and simplifies quality control. Authorized persons are notified and can approve or reject changes.

The web printing feature enables standardized label printing across the whole company and, if required, can also include business partners and suppliers. Printing forms can be centrally managed and deployed. Updates are applied throughout the entire system immediately. This streamlined process improves productivity and ensures consistency across all locations. The integrated application builder allows the creation of printing forms and data management forms tailored to requirements using drag and drop. NiceLabel LMS enables manual printing, using the labeling software to select and fill out a data form, then print labels on a selected printer. Integrated printing, on the other hand, is an automated printing process triggered by the ERP or MES system. NiceLabel LMS brings together the required label template and data content from the central database and automatically executes the print task on the desired printer. Because of its extensive interfaces, LMS can be directly tied into the business systems and applications. This integrated printing method ensures that labels are printed with up-to-date business data and that corporate rules and defined procedures in connection with print tasks are complied with at all sites.

There are on-premise or cloud-based versions available of the NiceLabel label management system. The on-premise versions include the basic label management system LMS Pro and the full-featured LMS Enterprise. LMS Enterprise provides, inter alia, the following features:

-quality assurance and traceability
-non-production environments
-change and transport system
-pre-built SAP integration
-web services integration

Three different subscription options allow tailored out-of-the-box cloud service. The basic Label Cloud Essentials is designed for a maximum of 20 printers and includes 1 GB storage and 3 months of print history. The Label Cloud Business version is suitable for businesses with more than 20 printers. It provides 5 GB storage and 1 year of print history. For large scale enterprises, the Label Cloud Unlimited cloud service is the ideal choice, providing 20 GB storage and 5 years of print history. All subscription models can be modified by means of add-ons.

Label Cloud offers multiple advantages:

-fast and uncomplicated implementation of LMS
-cloud-based document management system
-subscription models tailored to requirements
-less expenses for IT and storage
-constantly up to date
-global use
-ROI in less than 6 months

Benefit from the unique label management system by NiceLabel. Its key features, the centralized Document Management System (DMS), web printing, the intuitive label design application, the application builder and the possibility to integrate printing processes into the business system surely contribute to an improved and streamlined workflow. They ensure the print-out of high-quality labels with accurate content on a global basis. Procedures are simplified, costs reduced, downtimes minimized. The flexible and scalable approach of NiceLabel LMS is the perfect choice for small businesses as well as large scale enterprises.