ProGlove Mark One S Barcode Scanner

Have you met Mark? Mark One S is the brand-new and innovative industrial glove for more efficiency, higher quality and more safety at the work place. This wearable includes a 1D/2D barcode scanner, eliminating thousands of extra movements, taking up a handheld barcode scanner, triggering and putting the barcode scanner down again to carry on with the next work step. Mark One S enables smooth working processes in manufacturing, logistics, retail, warehousing etc. Why not give it a try?

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PROGLOVE MARK ONE S: Wearable with Technology Attached

  • innovative: intelligent solution for hands-free working processes
  • versatile: suitable for a broad spectrum of industries
  • strong: long-lasting battery
  • robust: IP54, drop-resistant
  • uncomplicated: plug-and-play

Optimized working procedures – the new intelligent glove Mark One S by ProGlove is comfortable to wear, due to its ergonomic design. There is no need for cumbersome hand straps to keep the barcode reader in place. Therefore, workers can move freely and concentrate on the task at hand which results in more productive operations, a reduced error rate and improved quality. With a seamless documentation of working processes higher transparency can be achieved.

The ProGlove wearable Mark One S, with its integrated barcode scanner, is perfectly easy to use. It has motion sensing capabilities and reads 1D, 2D and postal codes. The operator triggers a scan and receives acoustic, haptic and visual confirmation when the barcode has been successfully scanned. Data is wirelessly transmitted to an access point which is connected to the host via USB or RS-232. For optimal mobility, the Mark One S provides up to 30 m of radio range, depending on location. Simple integration is ensured with intuitive software and plug-and-play functionality. Mark One S is compatible with Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

There are two versions of the Mark One S available: Standard and LongLife. The Standard version is available with the scan module either on the right- or on the left-hand side. The textile trigger is located at the side of the index finger and can comfortably be reached with the thumb. The LongLife model consists of a cuff with a Velcro fastener and can, for example, be worn over special purpose gloves or without gloves. Here, the protected trigger ring is located in the palm area.

Mark One S by ProGlove is designed for the use in industrial environments. That is why it is extremely sturdy. The barcode scanner unit is protected against the ingress of dust and water in accordance with protection class IP54. Additionally, the device can withstand drops from a height of 2 m to concrete. A strong battery ensures 8 to 10 hours of energy.

The ProGlove Mark One S will give your business a boost, enhancing the effectiveness of working processes. Are you ready for new technology?

Technical specification

Product Category Barcode Scanners
Category Handheld Scanners
Manufacturer ProGlove
Scan Technology 1D Imager|2D Imager
Interface USB, RS232
Colour Options grey-orange
Sealing IP54
Display No


Datasheet ProGlove Mark One S (EN)

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