Zebra DS9808-R Barcode Scanner

Three in one – the Zebra DS9808-R offers RFID reader/writer, digital image capturing and barcode scanning in one device. The practical handheld scanner is guaranteed to be future-proof, as it supports the latest RFID technology. In addition, it is also extremely cost effective. Where in the past a whole set of devices for data acquisition was necessary, now only one thing is enough: the Zebra DS9808-R. This way, smart entrepreneurs save on acquisition costs and administrative costs. Since the Zebra DS9808-R is virtually intuitive to use, no time-consuming training is required. Enter the future of retail with the Zebra DS9808-R.

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ZEBRA DS9808-R: Get ready for new Dimensions

  • multifunctional: 3 in 1: RFID reader, barcode scanner, image capture technology
  • trend-setting: maximum utilization of the RFID potential
  • effective: inventory management, cost reduction
  • adaptable: individual settings

The Zebra DS9808-R handheld scanner reads 1D, 2D and PDF417 barcodes as well as graphics and signatures from paper and mobile devices. In addition, the RFID reader and writer offers plenty options to optimize business processes. The Zebra DS9808-R makes it easy to work with because it offers a wide working range and can capture data omnidirectionally. With the laser aiming pattern it is very easy to align items. The Zebra DS9808-R can be used as a handheld or presentation scanner, automatically adjusting the operating mode as you pick up the device. Another plus is the novel design of the Zebra DS9808-R. Thanks to the integrated stand, it does not require a tripod and if necessary, it can easily be picked up by hand. The innovative barcode and RFID reader finds its place everywhere on a practice-oriented, compact design.

What advantages does RFID offer?
-programming of individual identification numbers for the smooth tracking of products (Item Level Tagging ILT)
-on time reordering of goods
-higher inventory turnover
-lower storage costs
-reliable shelf filling with the least possible personnel costs

The Zebra DS9808-R RFID reader not only makes it easy to sell goods and return goods, it also incorporates new inventory easily. Provide labels with product-specific identification numbers. A built-in filter prevents accidental multiple input. By scanning the barcodes the user receives an acoustic feedback after detection of the RFID code.

The DS9808-R Zebra can be quickly, easily and affordably integrated into any existing retail technology solution. Special software converts EPC RFID data into UPC barcode data at high speed.

The reading range for RFID tags can be adjusted according to the environment. If the Zebra DS9808-R is used in presentation mode, a reduced range can prevent unintentional capture of additional RFID tags in the vicinity. In handheld mode with manual triggering, the range can be increased accordingly to selectively read labels from a greater distance.

An additional highlight of the Zebra DS9808-R is the 3-part trigger. Three different functions can be selected and defined as needed – for triggering the upper, lower or both triggers simultaneously.

The DS9808-R by Zebra with its adjustable reading speed (up to 254 cm / second) is extremely versatile and not only looks good in retailing. Even in the hospitality industry, in pharmacies, libraries and various office environments, the scanner with its immense functional bandwidth is a really good choice.

Technical specification

Product Category Barcode Scanners
Category Handheld Scanners
Manufacturer Zebra
Scan Technology 1D Imager|2D Imager|RFID
Interface USB, Serial
Colour Options black
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Display No


Datasheet Zebra DS9808R (EN)

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