Barcode Scanners

Wide Selection of Barcode Scanners with Different Scanning Technologies

Barcode scanners are widely deployed in various departments within an enterprise and form the basis of an automated data collection system. They are used, for example, for consistent tracking of goods in logistics and transport, fast scanning of goods at the cash register or for collecting inventory data.

Different types of scanners are employed, depending on the intended purpose and method of use.

In order to cover the entire spectrum as best as possible, we supply barcode scanners in the following categories:

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In addition to the various types, scanners also differ by various other factors. One of these basic differences is the scanning technology.

Our product portfolio includes equipment with the following technologies:
  • 1D Laser
  • 1D Imager
  • 2D Imager
  • DPM

When selecting manufacturers to be our partners, we rely on the market leaders with whom we have already been cooperating for many years. As a certified partner we are able to provide comprehensive consulting, configuration, repair and maintenance services in addition to sales and distribution. This enables us to be the universal contact for our customers. We supply service and products from Datalogic, Honeywell, Intermec by Honeywell, Zebra and Symbol.

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Why use Barcode Scanners?

Barcode scanners are an enhancement for POS systems, office electronics and logistics demands. Barcode readers can also facilitate processes within industrial production and the healthcare sector.

Which is the Right Barcode Scanner: USB, Bluetooth or WLAN?

It is possible to scan barcodes by using a small wand, a cordless handheld scanner or a fixed-mount scanner. Choice of the device to be used is determined by the application. There are various interfaces (such as Bluetooth and WLAN) or safety classes that define the ruggedness of the devices. We have a wide selection of barcode scanners that includes wireless scanners, presentation scanners and built-in or in-counter scanners.

Barcode Scanners for Data Collection

Barcode scanners are for collecting data. They decode barcodes and pass on the information that they have collected. Reading barcodes is achieved by using red or infrared light. Because the barcode is made up of black dashes and gaps in between, the illuminated area reflects light in varying degrees. The decoder in the reader captures the light/dark signals and in so doing it deciphers the barcode before passing on the information. Decoded data are passed through the existing interface to a central system – cash register, computer etc.

Barcode scanners with imager technology take a picture of the barcode which enables them to collect and document a variety of data. Because multiple rows are captured at the same time, it is possible to incorporate much more data into a 2D barcode than in a 1D barcode.

Barcode Scanners for Industry and Logistics

Using barcode scanners brings transparency to the monitoring and collection of data in the fields of transport and logistics. Inventory management and the movement of goods are made easier and, above all, more coherent.

Whether a small warehouse or a large logistics centre, barcodes and readers can collect and transmit all relevant information. The identification of products, their location or stocks can be checked directly. A big advantage is the automatic transfer of data and the collection of critical information in real time. This makes it possible to keep track of the current inventory situation at all times.

The handling of goods is performed faster and more accurately by making use of barcodes. This increases the quality of your services and, as an additional effect, reduces your processing costs. Time-consuming paperwork is eliminated. Automatic tracking and management of goods increases efficiency, thanks to code-marked and directly identifiable stocks.

It is essential in production processes to maintain a detailed overview of the whereabouts and the stocks of components and other assemblies. This also increases the efficiency of the manufacturing process. In industrial safety areas barcode readers can also be used as a low-cost access control or time-recording system. Employees can only gain access after a barcode card has been pulled through the slot of a barcode scanner.

Here too you can benefit from our wide range of barcode scanners. Fixed-mount scanners are used, for example, for scanning on a conveyor belt and a wireless handheld scanner can be used to scan bulky goods without having to move them. Rugged and mobile scanners are ideal for this purpose. They are easy to use in storage areas and these barcode scanners are specifically designed to withstand dirt, temperature fluctuations or shocks. Whether you are a forwarding company, airport or mail distributor, visibility and control are improved through the use of barcodes and readers.

Barcode Scanner Advantages:
  • facilitate checking of logistics chains and delivery processes
  • data management becomes more transparent
  • reduce error rates and costs

Barcode Scanners for Healthcare

The healthcare industry can greatly benefit from the use of barcodes. The focus here is less on the management of data but above all on the safety of patients. Infusions and medicines marked with barcodes can be checked immediately before they are administered. This prevents the wrong medication being applied.

Tracking a patient from first admission to any follow-up treatment is documented reliably. Each patient is assigned a specific barcode, resulting in a complete and secure collection of information. In addition to barcoding patient records, identification wristbands marked with barcodes can be used to eliminate any potential confusion with identities. It is possible to read data directly from mobile scanners at any time. Furthermore, barcode scanners specially designed for healthcare use are particularly easy to clean and disinfect.

Nursing staff can read the barcodes and ensure that the patient receives the right medication in the right dosage. Furthermore, the administration of medication, as well as all stages of treatment, is not only recorded by the barcode scanner but also stored directly in a digital archive. In so doing, all relevant data is available from a central location which benefits the safety of patients. Even long-term archiving is performed automatically.

Storage organization and materials management are greatly facilitated by using barcode scanners. Tracking and management of clinical inventory such as wheelchairs or beds present no problems. It is possible to establish at any time where all scanned equipment is currently located.

Especially in laboratories, it is essential to guarantee the error-free management of patient samples. It must be possible to track and verify each sample accurately. In order to exclude any confusion, barcodes should be employed for automatic detection and continuous control.

Barcodes and readers can also increase security in the correct use of substances in the pharmaceutical industry. Barcode scanners are used in pharmacies for inventory management and of course also in the cash register system.

Advantages of barcodes and barcode scanners in the healthcare sector:
  • reduce the possibility of human error
  • important data and treatment information are available immediately
  • contribute to optimum patient care

Barcode Scanners for Cash Register Systems

Whether a kiosk, wholesale operation or hypermarket, businesses need barcode scanners for their cash register systems. It does not matter how different these commercial operations may be, using barcodes and barcode scanners replaces the arduous typing of information by hand and significantly saves time! Customers as well as sales staff benefit from higher throughput speeds. Personnel costs are reduced by a more efficient check-out system. In addition, all data and transactions are collected automatically. The information that is extracted from the barcodes by the scanner is automatically stored in the cash register system so that sales totals and inventories can be checked at any time.

We can supply the appropriate barcode scanner for your every need. Equipment should be selected according to your exact needs and the requirements at the check-out. The demands on the POS system differ, for example, in the transaction volume, the product range or the method of actual data collection. Final selection should also take into account practical considerations such as: Should the barcode scanner be mobile and lightweight or fixed and rugged? In this way you can decide whether a wireless handheld scanner or a high performance fixed-mount scanner installed over the counter is needed. We will gladly advise you on the various options and identify the best solution for your technical needs as well as how to optimize the sales process for your customers.

Barcode Scanner advantages:
  • service at the POS is faster and better
  • customer satisfaction is increased
  • costs are reduced
  • sales and inventory are recorded automatically

Examples and explanations of various barcode scanners

Wireless Scanners / Cordless Barcode Scanners

This category of scanners transmits data via RF communication and there is no need for a wired connection. The user can move much more freely around his workplace. Wireless scanners are available as all-purpose variants or as rugged industrial wireless scanners.

Presentation Scanners

Presentation scanners are perfectly suited to hands-free reading of barcodes. They can be used in many different areas. They are often used in the checkout area of retail businesses, as well as in healthcare or in office environments. There are numerous mounting options which means they can usually be installed quite easily.

Wired Universal Bar Code Scanners

Universal barcode scanners are not designed for specific applications and can be used in the retail industry, healthcare sector, public service or for light industrial applications.

Wired Industrial Barcode Scanners

In an industrial environment hardware can sometimes be exposed to severe conditions. These rugged scanners are resistant to dirt, being dropped from great heights, moisture or extreme temperature fluctuations. This makes them ideal for use in harsh working environments.

Barcode Scanners for Healthcare

In the healthcare sector and hospital logistics, hygiene has a high priority. These scanner models are therefore equipped with a special surface material that on the one hand offers a limited area to contamination by germs and on the other tolerates the use of abrasive cleaning agents.

In-/On-Counter Scanners

Similar to presentation scanners, fixed-mount scanners enable hands-free reading of barcodes. They are mainly used at the point of sale in the retail trade and are part of the cash register system. Numerous variants mean that there is an ideal solution for every requirement and any location.