SATO CG2 Etikettendrucker

Die Desktop-Drucker aus der CG2 Serie von Sato überzeugen nicht nur durch ihre Leistungsstärke, auch mit einem günstigen Preis können die kompakten Etikettendrucker überzeugen. Während der CG208 eine Auflösung von 203 dpi besitzt, druckt der CG212 mit 305 dpi. Beide Drucker können sowohl Thermodirekt als auch Thermotransfer drucken.

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SATO CG2 Series: Powerful Performance Desktop Printer

Various interface combinations allow a quick and simple integration into already existing systems. The first model has a USB and RS-232C interface, the second one comes with USB and LAN interface. A WLAN option can be purchased additionally. Every desktop printer of the CG2 Series has a special antimicrobial case cover and control panel allowing the use in sensitive medical environments for example printing patient wristbands. That special case cover is also suitable for the food industry business. Tested according to the JISZ2801 standard this special coating prevents bacteria and microorganisms from growing.
The label printers of the CG2 Series from SATO are used in transport, logistics, retail and entertainment industry.

Further product features:

  • user-friendly and easy handling
  • RFID ready
  • ribbon wind direction: external winding
  • label wind direction: internal / external winding
  • print speed: up to 100 mm/s