SATO CG4 Etikettendrucker

Die Desktop-Drucker der CG4 Serie von SATO zeichnen sich durch Leistungsfähigkeit sowie eine benutzerfreundliche Anwendung und Wartung aus. Die beiden Modelle sind sowohl als Thermodirekt- als auch Thermotransferdrucker erhältlich. Wählen Sie beim Erwerb zwischen einer Druckauflösung von 203 dpi (CG408) oder 305 dpi. (CG412).

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SATO CG4 Series: Comfortable Desktop Printer with strong Performance

Equipped with a compact and robust case cover the desktop printers of the CG4 Series are suitable for demanding duties. In addition the desktop printers have the Cerner certification that allows to use the desktop printer in hospitals and doctor’s offices. There are various application areas: retail, office and administration areas, logistics and entertainment industry such as agencies and public authorities. Additional to the standard label print the desktop printers of the CG4 Series can also print documents and tags.
Due to the various interface combinations a quick and simple integration into already existing systems is possible. Three different combinations are available: USB+RS-232C*-Modell, USB+LAN-Modus, USB+IEEE1284-Modell.

Further product features:

  • printing width: up to 104 mm
  • media width: 22 mm – 107 mm
  • real time clock
  • ribbon wind direction: external winding
  • label wind direction: internal / external winding
  • print speed: up to 101 mm/s