CAB MACH 1 2 Series Label Printers

  • simple: uncomplicated operation, easy media and ribbon loading
  • dependable: sturdy design, integrated diagnostics
  • handy: various interfaces, 203 dpi and 300 dpi versions, with or without color display

The 4-inch label printers MACH 1 and MACH 2 by CAB are ideal for small- and medium-volume label printing. Because of their compact size and robust construction, they suit many application fields, for example in retail shops, warehouses, offices or in manufacturing environments. The MACH printer series offers a reliable and easy-to-use label printing solution.

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CAB MACH 1/2: User-friendly Label Printers for Small- and Medium-Volume Printing

Basic label printers for versatile applications: Both printer versions, the MACH 1 and the MACH 2, offer direct thermal and thermal transfer printing methods. The printers are available with a print resolution of either 203 dpi or 300 dpi. They are able to print barcodes, fonts and graphics to suit many applications.

Materials: The CAB desktop printer series MACH 1/2 can process paper, cardboard and plastics, roll and fanfold media. There are sensors for gap and reflective labels.

MACH 1: Equipped with LEDs and keys, the MACH 1 provides a basic user interface. The 203 dpi version reaches print speeds of up to 127 mm/s, the 300 dpi version of up to 102 mm/s. Maximum print widths are 108 mm (203 dpi) or 105.7 mm (300 dpi).

MACH 2: The MACH 2 provides an icon-based color display and a navigator pad which enables intuitive operation of the device. Maximum print speed of the 203 dpi version is 177 mm/s, maximum print speed of the 300 dpi version is 127 mm/s. Maximum print widths are 108 mm (203 dpi) or 105.7 mm (300 dpi).

Integration and use: 4 built-in interfaces ensure optimal connectivity: USB for PC connection, USB Host, RS-232C and Ethernet. Printer language is EZPL. The printers MACH 1 and 2 come with 8 MB SDRAM and 16 MB Flash. With the included software cablabel S3 Lite, you can create labels for your applications. There is a Pro-version available as well. By means of the integrated real time clock (RTC), labels can be marked with the current date and time. The top of the housing can be opened widely providing convenient access for comfortable media and ribbon change.