As a responsible company, it is entirely natural that we are committed to giving something back or passing it on, both in our region locally as well as to future generations. As a specialist for barcode systems we also feel very much connected to the ‘stripe’ and have even adopted this topic for our sponsorship projects.

Projects that we are sponsoring:

Animals of Hannover Zoo – Power in Stripes

Our enthusiasm for stripes refers not only to barcodes – striped animals delight us as well. For several years GLOBOS has therefore been sponsoring different animals in the Hanover Adventure Zoo. Under the motto “Power in stripes” GLOBOS has previously supported the Somali Wild Asses and the Mountain Zebra and now it is the turn of the most powerful amongst the striped families: the Siberian Tiger. GLOBOS founder Olaf Sauer: “As a provider of barcode solutions we of course have a lot to do with black stripes every day. After we had oriented our corporate identity towards this characteristic, our sponsorship of the tiger Kolja was seen as a kind of “icing on the cake”. 

Tiger Aljoscha came from Nuremberg to Hanover on December 16, 2016 through the European Endangered Species Program (EEP). On April 12, 2019, together with his partner Alexa, he provided for three striped offspring. We were also able to support the tiger babies Maxim, Jaro and Kyan in the form of a sponsorship for 1.5 years until they left the zoo for France on December 11th, 2020.

Viel los im Gehege! Ole beobachtet das ungewohnte Treiben.
vlnr: Sabrina, Hanh und Dania, GLOBOS Auszubildende mit Bob und Ole

The GLOBOS Family is growing

Bob and Ole are the new members of the GLOBOS family. In July 2018, GLOBOS took over the sponsorship of the two friendly ring-tailed lemurs, who lives in a shared apartment near Yukon Bay in the adventure zoo in Hanover.

The most famous animals of Madagascar immediately win all visitors hearts. With their amiable and cheerful nature, they always put you in a good mood. Nevertheless, they have remained on the ground: More than all other half-monkeys, they move more under than on trees.

Ring-tailed lemurs are also particularly strong when it comes to caring for their offspring. Within a group, everyone takes care of the little ones. As at GLOBOS, where every employee is involved in the successful development of new colleagues – that is what makes a strong team.

Katta and Tiger –
The relationship is close

Ring-tailed lemur derives from the Middle Greek word for cat, as the purring and meowing sounds that the animals make are reminiscent of cats. An indication that they could be distant relatives of the tiger and so ideally match the strong stripes of GLOBOS?

In addition, ring-tailed lemurs are known for living in small sociable groups and for having a distinct social behavior. They convinced us with their charm and we warmly welcome them as our new members in the GLOBOS family. We look forward to a long and friendly sponsorship!

Olaf Sauer (rechts, Geschäftsführer) und Donald Herbel (links, Marketing)

Business for Kids e. V.

Every year GLOBOS is pleased to sponsor the Business for Kids Association. We have been a member of this charitable association since 2013. Under the motto “help, promote and connect”, Business for Kids has been supporting needy children and young people in Hanover and the surrounding region with financial assistance, equipment, time and know-how since 2009. Business for Kids carefully researches eligible projects and institutions which then receive specific support. The association undertakes numerous activities to obtain donations of which 100% goes to fund projects and institutions. This social commitment and sense of responsibility towards children and young people is a matter of great significance to GLOBOS.

We are pleased that our membership contributes to helping people to help themselves, both on a personal and an occupational level, as well as to promoting the talents of children and young people.