Loan equipment

You can also loan or rent our equipment. All product brands are available not only for sale but also for rental or short-term loan. This flexibility gives you the opportunity to offset temporary peaks in work load, such as at stocktaking times, without any commitment of extra capital.

The various services that we offer in this context are:

Rental equipment

Our equipment rental options are based on typical leasing procedures. You can rent any of our range of products for a fixed period of time and we can provide basic standard devices through to versions that fulfil specific parameters according to your precise requirements. Terms and conditions are decided jointly and reflect your particular needs. Our customers frequently combine equipment sourcing with additional services such as data staging for example. In this case a backup of customer-specific software is stored with us and can be loaded into new devices whenever required.

Loan equipment

We maintain a large pool of loan equipment for our customers. If, for example, one of your devices needs to be sent in for repair, we can provide a comparable product on loan in order to avoid an operational shortfall. Please consider though that we cannot make our entire product portfolio available as loan equipment but in some cases we will have to make use of similar or comparable products. This does not apply when you have a specific agreement with us to provide backup devices. In this case we will always hold an original second device – preloaded with your software – on standby.

Trial equipment

Are you considering whether to invest in a handheld barcode scanner or in a new label printer but are not quite sure if the selected device is the right one? No problem – try it out before buying. We would be happy to provide equipment for test purposes to help you make the right decisions.

Take advantage of these services and use the products according to your needs so that you can be assured that recommended or selected products are the most suitable. Contact us for details of the various options and conditions available to you.