Wireless LAN

Access Points, Controller and Switches

For setting up and optimizing a WLAN, we rely on secure and resilient technology from brands such as Cisco and Zebra Technologies. Wireless communication is the basis for logistics organizations.

Our access points, controllers and switches help to achieve optimum performance with your wireless LANs – both indoors and outdoors. GLOBOS solutions enable documenting of data streams and network analysis. Corresponding optimization of the WLAN infrastructure increases network security and data transfer speeds. Any problem can be resolved immediately and large volumes of data can be transported faster. Extensions and additional technologies can be more easily integrated and complex data networks are widely available to mobile terminals. The result is perfect networking and more efficient processes.

Wireless Access Points and Switches:
They organise the connection and the interaction between individual network segments. Wireless access points and switches enable data to be transmitted accurately and interference-free through “intelligent” control and distribution of data packets. They connect various devices to each other, prevent data collisions, ensure data packets are directed to the correct destination and bridge differences between transmission media.

A controller enables fully automatic configuration and control of a WLAN from any location. Wireless networks are managed effectively, and monitoring a parent network, planning and scalability are also made possible. Controllers provide reliable, safe, simple and centralized WLAN management.