Cisco WLC 9800-L

  • flexible: for small and medium-sized enterprises (up to 250 APs or up to 500 APs as option)
  • secure: multiple security features, centralized software updates
  • fast: latest Wi-Fi standard (max. throughput: 5 Gbps or 10 Gbps as option); copper or fiber

In companies, an increasing number of devices access the Internet wirelessly. The location-independent use of devices, IoT applications, and automated as well as cloud-based processes can enhance workflows considerably. However, such workflows require a well-designed network. Cisco's wireless controller 9800-L enables central configuration and management of Cisco access points. Cisco’s wireless network solutions combine latest technology, best security features and optimum scalability to create a well-coordinated enterprise network.

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Cisco WLC 9800-L: Wireless Controller—Center of the Enterprise Network

Efficient management of the entire corporate network: Depending on the size of the company and the number of access points required, one or more wireless controllers form the central network hub. With the WLC 9800-L, up to 250 access points can be managed.

Centralized software updates: Centralized updates ensure that the software of each device within the network is always up to date. With the Cisco 9800-L, software updates are performed in the background while the system is running. Connected AP and client sessions are continued without interruption.

Fast Internet even in the furthest corners: For enterprises, reliable large-scale Internet coverage is essential. The adaptable setup with Cisco’s innovative devices delivers the latest Wi-Fi technology (Wi-Fi 6) with multi-gigabit speeds and seamless roaming. The WLC 9800-L is Bluetooth-enabled.

Security features: Cisco’s wireless controller 9800-L offers integrated security features, for example, secure boot, hardware and software authentication, and runtime defenses. The “Advanced Wireless Intrusion Prevention System” (aWIPS) is a security solution specifically designed for wireless systems. Network and clients are continuously monitored and analyzed to ensure network security.