Asset Inventory – mobile, reliable, fast

Everybody knows the annual trouble with the manual inventory!

Do you also have this picture in mind? Equipped with lists, pens and a meticulous eye, your employees wander purposefully from office to office, from hall to hall, from one floor to the next. Almost everything of value is noted, titled, described.

“Well, but it has to be done eitherway.” That’s exactly how it is. This is what the German legislator has recorded in the Commercial Code under “§ 240 Inventory”. It is essential to evaluate your own company objects. These three procedures are common:

  • The physical inventory
  • The book inventory
  • The asset inventory

We certainly agree that the “physical inventory” is the most time consuming as described above. When the lists have been filled in they come back for evaluation afterwards. An attempt is made to decipher everything from the sheet and to enter it correctly into the ERP system.

Speed up your Asset Inventory

Simply forget the paper lists printed out from your ERP system during the asset inventory. Instead, you can use mobile devices for your employees. Whether you are using smartphones, tablets, handhelds, scanners, notebooks or other robust devices.

You can scan your assets in seconds. As a result your inventory will become faster – including error minimization. Through digital movement you reduce your time expenditure AND promote the flow of information and control.

The solution from our Tech-Partner Membrain GmbH

Using the mobile app from our Partner Membrain managing assets gets easier because it is available for all systems and has been approved by SAP FI-AA. It doesn’t matter which type of device you use, whether it’s a Windows, iOS, or Android device. The app is called the Membrain Asset Management App and works on all kinds of digital devices and connects directly to your SAP or ERP system.

The app allows managers to see everything they need on their computer including every cost center, every movement, and every difference. The app and ERP system can help solve any problems with managing assets, from tracking movement to moving or shutting down assets. Furthermore the app can be used without an internet connection so there is no risk of losing data.

Implementing the app into your current system only takes 2-3 days and you will save time with your first inventory. You will also need fewer people to scan your assets so that other team members can focus on other important tasks.

Your benefits
Everything at a glance

  • Time savings through automated processes and scanning technology
  • Holistic control through digital overview
  • No data loss thanks to offline function
  • Runs on the most common operating systems
  • Suitable for multiple ERP systems
  • More mobile, thanks to smaller devices
  • Minimize input errors
  • Paper waste eliminated
  • SAP FI-AA certified
  • Operating systems

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Do you want to digitize your asset inventory starting next year? We’re here to support your project and we walk you through every step of the process. Plus, we offer handheld terminals, label printers, scanners, vehicle terminals, repair services, and label materials – all in one place.

Do you have any questions, requests, suggestions?

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