Datalogic Magellan 3300HSi Barcode Scanner

  • versatile: 1D, 2D, stacked barcodes, sweep or presentation scanning
  • combinable: with Datalogic Magellan 3200VSi vertical barcode reader
  • flexible: integrated microSD card reader

The Datalogic Magellan 3300HSi is a horizontal in-counter barcode scanner for high-volume retail applications. Combined with the vertical Datalogic Magellan 3200VSi, efficiency at the checkout counter can be significantly improved – much to the delight of your customers. Also, the fast and simple integration as well as easy operation of the device enhances productivity at busy points of sale (POS). Why not take advantage of best scanning technology along with simple use?

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Datalogic Magellan 3300HSi: Solid POS Barcode Reader

The Datalogic Magellan 3300HSi provides stunning barcode reading performance. It decodes 1D, 2D and stacked codes even if they are of extremely bad quality, cropped or not according to specifications. This ensures a frictionless workflow at the cash desk and puts your checkout staff at ease. Operators receive clear audible and visible good-read confirmation. Sweep scanning or presentation scanning are both possible. The versatile barcode reader also enables image capture.

A robust construction guarantees long-term use of the Datalogic Magellan barcode reader. Its solid-state design ensures low maintenance and a long life. Many software-based functions allow highly flexible use. The integrated microSD card reader enables simple device configuration and management as well as software upgrades. The Datalogic Magellan 3300HSi provides various interface options for uncomplicated integration: IBM 46xx; Keyboard Wedge; OEM (IBM) USB; RS-232; USB; USB COM, auxiliary port: powered RS-232. Optionally, integrated EAS features are available.

High scanning performance for higher throughput within a shorter time – the Datalogic Magellan 3300HSi contributes to more customer satisfaction.

Please find more information concerning the Datalogic Magellan 3200VSi vertical barcode scanner here.