Datalogic Skorpio X4 Mobile Computers

  • versatile: equipped with WLAN/MIMO and Bluetooth
  • powerful: Windows or Android, 1D and 2D Imager
  • rugged: Protection class IP64
  • various: selectable with 28, 38 or 50 keys

The Datalogic Skorpio X4 is a real all-rounder. With its wide range of options, it can be used flexibly in almost every area - whether retail or warehouse, with Android or Windows, with pistol grip or without - the Skorpio X4 is always the right choice. Choosing between three different keyboard designs further enhances its individual versatility.

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Datalogic Skorpio X4: Portable High Performance Computer

The Skorpio X4 from Datalogic offers wireless data transmission via Bluetooth and WLAN and is also equipped with MIMO antennas. The 3.2-inch color touch display guarantees fatigue-free working. There are three versions of keyboards to choose – 50 alphanumeric keys, 38 functional keys and 28 numeric keys. The Skorpio X4 can be equipped with Android or Windows, with or without a pistol grip and is therefore extremely changeable.

Datalogic’s Green Spot technology enables particularly convenient scanning, additionally it features linear 1D and 2D reading capabilities. It can be equipped with a pistol grip for scan-intensive tasks such as picking or inventorying.

The Skorpio X4 has a protection rating of IP64, verifying its resistance to dust and splash water. This mobile computer is also protected against falls of up to 1.8 m due to its robust construction.

Datalogic’s Skorpio X4 is a handy mobile computer that offers a variety of functions and options which makes him an ideal choice for your business.