SATO CL4NX Plus Label Printers

  • robust: die-cast aluminum frame, print and ribbon mechanisms
  • convenient: user-friendly operation with color display, plug-and-play deployment, self-diagnosis
  • exceptional: 609 dpi print resolution, max. print speed of 14 ips at 305 dpi
  • versatile: multiple display languages (30+) and fonts (40+, extendable) for global use, multiple printer languages, large spectrum of media options
  • excellent: dual CPU/OS architecture
  • useful: RFID/NFC printing and encoding option (soon available)

SATO’s brand-new CL4NX Plus label printer combines solid, industrial-grade construction and high-performance printing. The compact printer CL4NX Plus provides a maximum print resolution of 609 dpi and a maximum print speed of 14 ips (335 mm per second) at 305 dpi. This enables accurate printing even of micro-sized labels. It is possible to use the CL4NX Plus printer as stand-alone device. The economical, power-saving printer can handle a wide range of media options, which enables a versatile use in various industries, such as retail, manufacturing, food or healthcare.

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SATO CL4NX PLUS: Powerful Industrial Label Printer for Medium to High Print Volumes

The robust SATO CL4NX Plus is a well-designed label printer for a wide scope of application enabling maximum productivity. Because of its compact design, it fits into all sorts of environments and yet provides room for large media and ribbon capacities. It enables direct thermal and thermal transfer printing methods. The printer is equipped with 2 sensor types, I-mark (reflective) and label gap (transmissive) sensors. It can handle paper or synthetics materials on roll or fanfold. There is also a linerless kit available as option.

The CL4NX Plus desktop label printer by SATO was designed to enhance work processes. It reaches a print speed of 14 ips or 355 mm per second at a resolution of 305 dpi. The particularly high 609 dpi resolution enables high-precision print results even on micro labels. It is possible to print text, graphics and barcodes. Maximum print width is 104 mm.

For uncomplicated operation of the SATO CL4NX Plus industrial printer, it is equipped with a 3.5-inch color display. Various tutorial videos offer help on demand. Plug-and-play simplicity and auto media calibration enables simple use of the high-performance label printers for everybody. The integrated self-diagnosis system ensures continuous monitoring of the devices, providing status information and timely alerts before the printer runs out of ribbon or media. The printer is compatible with SATO Online Services (SOS).

The SATO CL4NX Plus printing solution comes with a dual CPU/OS architecture. There are two processors integrated: CPU 1: 800 MHz with 2 GB ROM and 256 MB RAM for Linux. CPU 2: 800 MHz with 4 MB ROM and 64 MB RAM for ITRON. SATO’s Application Enabled Printing (AEP) 3.0 tool enables the direct connection of peripheral devices, such as barcode readers or scales and enables stand-alone use of the CL4NX Plus printer. When not in use, the CL4NX Plus printer turns into sleep mode automatically to save energy.

Standard interfaces are USB 2.0, RS-232-C, IEEE 1284, EXT and Bluetooth 3.0 for wireless connectivity. If required, the industrial printer CL4NX Plus can additionally be equipped with dual-band WLAN. Soon, a RFID and NFC module will be available for RFID printing and encoding capabilities.

For internationally-operating companies, the SATO CL4NX Plus provides an optimal solution. It can be operated in more than 30 languages and includes almost 50 print character sets. Supported printer languages are SBPL (SATO Barcode Printer Language), SZPL, SDPL, STCL, SEPL.

The compact industrial label printer CL4NX Plus by SATO excels at robustness. Because of the die-cast aluminum frame as well as print and ribbon mechanisms, the printer is highly durable. Its bi-fold cover allows easy access for convenient media loading or maintenance. Print head and platen can be replaced without tools.

The CL4NX Plus by SATO offers a user-friendly and extremely durable printer solution providing premium print quality for various industrial and other medium to high print volume applications.

Accessories/Options: Cutter, External Rewinder, Linerless Kit, Dispenser with optional Internal Liner Rewinder, RTC, WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n, Barcode Checker Kit, UHF and HF RFID (soon available), Rotary Cutter (soon available)