Soredi SH Blackline Vehicle Mounted Computers

  • taff: made for extreme conditions
  • variable: for freezer areas, production, logistics, etc
  • well connected: WLAN, Bluetooth

Soredi constructs high-quality industrial computers, which are particularly suitable for harsh environments. The SH Blackline series consists of mobile terminals with different display sizes: SH10 (10.4"), SH12 (12.1"), SH15 (15.0") and SH21 (21.5"). The devices can be mounted on vehicles and withstand extreme temperatures, external mechanical effects and liquids, even acid, easily.

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SOREDI SH BLACKLINE: Go to extremes!

Especially in the industry mobile PCs are indispensable. Therefore, Soredi’s SH-Blackline series offers a stable appearance, an aluminum housing with multi-touch bulletproof glass display. The anti-glare touch screen can also be operated with a glove. Mechanical effects such as shock or vibration are no problem for the device. They are dustproof, protected against water jets and temporary immersion in water (IP54, IP65, IP67). Even for extreme temperatures from -35 °C to 55 °C, the computers are suitable. With the appropriate mounting option, the Soredi SH Blackline industrial computers can be attached to vehicles such as forklifts and are always where they are needed.

With the Soredi SH Blackline PCs you have the choice between a dual and a quad-core processor. They are equipped with Microsoft Windows 7 Professional or Windows Embedded Standard 7. Optionally, Windows Embedded Compact 7 or an Android operating system are also possible. For reliable network connection, the mobile devices use 802.11 a/b/g/n WLAN. In addition, Ethernet and Bluetooth 4.0 are available. Numerous interfaces facilitate integration. Optionally, the computers are also available with a built-in Legic reader or with a UHF reader.