Toshiba BV400D Series Label Printers

  • uncomplicated: clear user interface, easy integration, various interfaces
  • excellent: includes Toshiba’s e-FleetManager, compatible with SOTI Connect
  • flexible: 5 printer models with 300 or 203 dpi, version for linerless material, with or without LCD display

The new label printer series BV400D by Toshiba comprises 5 models, meeting the requirements of various industries. The compact devices are easy to integrate and use. They are available with a resolution of 203 or 300 dpi and reach print speeds of up to 7 ips. An advanced processor architecture and operating system ensure the efficient execution of print jobs.

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TOSHIBA BV400D SERIES: Five Compact Label Printer Models for Flexible Applications

The five compact label printers of the BV400D series by Toshiba have a small footprint and offer maximal productivity with a state-of-the-art CPU and OS structure. The sleek direct thermal printers are ideal for versatile applications, for example in all sorts of office environments, in the retail or hospitality sectors and wherever labels need to be printed on a regular basis. The devices print barcodes, QR codes and text. The labelling software BarTender UltraLite is included. Because of their straightforward design, the printers can be used intuitively.

The BV400D series’ label printers provide ZPL II, SPDL and DPL emulations and include multiple drivers and SDKs to ensure trouble-free integration into the company’s IT framework. The printers come with USB 2.0 and LAN ports as standard and can be additionally equipped with WLAN, Bluetooth or RS-232 interfaces, if required, to provide a maximum of flexibility.

To exactly suit individual needs, the label printer series Toshiba BV400D consists of five models:

The premium models:

BV410D-GS02: The white label printer provides a resolution of 203 dpi at a maximum speed of 7 ips. It comes with 2 LEDs, 3 operating keys and an LCD display. Maximum print width is 108 mm.

BV410D-TS02: The TS02 version of the BV400D series is also in white. It offers a print resolution of 300 dpi at a maximum speed of 5 ips. 2 LEDs, 3 keys and an LCD display provide a convenient user interface. Maximum print width is 105.7 mm.

The basic models:

BV420D-GS02: The printer is black and offers a print resolution of 203 dpi at maximal 7 ips print speed. The clear user interface includes 3 LEDs and 2 keys. It offers a maximum print width of 108 mm.

BV420D-TS02: The black label printer TS02 offers a print resolution of 300 dpi and a print speed of maximum 5 ips. It is equipped with 3 LEDs and 2 operating keys. The maximum print width is 105.7 mm.

Linerless model:

BV420D-GL02: The GL02 is a linerless printing solution, which produces less waste. Media rolls are smaller and require less storage space. The BV420D-GL02 version offers a print resolution of 203 dpi and allows print speeds of up to 7 ips. It comes with 3 LEDs and 2 keys as user interface. The maximum print width is 99 mm. The linerless printer comes with an integrated cutter.

For central management and monitoring of the label printers, Toshiba’s e-FleetManager is included. The e-FleetManager is a scalable IoT software solution, providing information on printer status, media consumption etc. and it allows remote access to all Toshiba printers in your network. The centralized control of your Toshiba printer fleet improves transparency and optimizes processes. The printers of the BV400D series are also compatible with the SOTI Connect IoT management solution.

Accessories: Full cutter module, partial cutter module, peel-off module, serial interface board, WLAN module, Bluetooth module, AC adapter cover, external media stand for media rolls of max. 214 mm od