Zebra ZQ220 Label Printers

  • affordable: excellent value for money
  • versatile: just add spacer and print on flexible media widths
  • fast:5 ips (60 mm/s)
  • handy: small mobile printer, lightweight

Are you looking for a handy and affordable high-performance label printer? Then the ZQ220 by Zebra is an ideal choice. This small and handy printer is highly versatile and excellent value for money. To vary the material width, a spacer can be added, which allows the use of different material sizes between 50.8 mm and 80 mm.

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ZEBRA ZQ220: All-in-One Mobile Printer for All-day Every-day Use

With the ZQ220 by Zebra you get the best out of quality, mobility, cost-efficiency and durability. This small and handy mobile printer prints out labels and receipts fast and accurately. The replaceable battery is easy to change so that the printer is always ready for all-day every-day use.

It prints out receipts and labels on different media types. The use of different media widths is possible by inserting a spacer (80 mm/3.14 inch, 70.2 mm/3 inch, 58 mm/2.28 inch, 50.8mm/2 inch). The compact printer allows ecological linerless printing, contributing to the reduction of waste.

Because of its small form factor and light weight, you can easily carry it along with you – anywhere you need it, indoors and outdoors. The ZQ220 can easily be charged at home, in the office or even in the car via USB port. The mobile printer is easy to use because of its intuitive buttons and display and it can be operated with one hand.

The portable printer ZQ220 by Zebra is equipped with Bluetooth to support wireless data communication. With the integrated passive NFC tag, it is possible to connect the printer to other Bluetooth devices with a simple tap. The ZQ220 can withstand rain, dust, snow and several drops to concrete. Because of the durability of the printer, TCO is reduced to a minimum.

Reliable, accurate printing – get to know the new Zebra ZQ220.