installation & commissioning

installation & commissioning

Most products sold by us are intended to be integrated into established data processing systems that have expanded over many years. As a consequence it is not only necessary to install and set up the equipment but also to integrate it into the existing system. In some cases there is also a need to install complete systems with multiple components that must be totally compatible with each other.

Our trained experts are on hand to support you with the installation and commissioning of label printers, barcode scanners, special printers, WLAN components, as well as mobile and fixed terminals. We install the equipment at your site and set it up according to your requirements. If your software is stored with us as part of a staging arrangement, we load this into the equipment and integrate it into the system. Our services regarding software customization and configuration are described here in more detail.

We conclude the commissioning with various test runs in order to ensure that your new equipment is in perfect working order, that it has been properly integrated into the existing data processing environment and that data transfer takes place as required.

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