Optimized processes with GLOBOS

GLOBOS offers a comprehensive portfolio of business solutions providing competent support for various industries and business units. This includes small and medium-sized enterprises, office and administration areas as well as large global corporations. Our GLOBOS team not only contributes professional expertise and many years of experience but will also take the time to thoroughly develop intelligent and application-oriented procedures supplying you with a tailor-made formula for your individual business requirements.

Our services comprise hardware and software components, consumables and, not to forget, extensive and customized consulting and maintenance services. For a forward-looking corporate development, a balanced interaction at all levels is indispensable and will result in optimized working processes, improved data quality and higher transparency.


To ensure consistent and fail-safe operations at the production line, a complex production management system is essential. Our sophisticated solutions create necessary transparency throughout the entire production process and supply chain enabling gapless traceability.

Service sector

All service industries naturally put the focus on customer satisfaction. Our well-thought-out solutions for document control, personal identification, payment processing or access control enhance productivity and thus improve customer service.

Trade sector

Long-term customer loyalty is essential to achieve future growth. This is where we come in! We support you in applying advanced technologies to creatively promote your products, to enable more competent customer assistance and to ensure smooth purchase procedures. Customers will enjoy a new, innovative and pleasant shopping experience.


Patient safety and comprehensive patient care are key factors in all healthcare areas. We offer reliable and secure solutions for the various complex processes in healthcare, enabling optimized procedures for patient identification, patient care, inventory management and administration.


A cost effective and efficient infrastructure throughout the firm enhances productivity and profitability. Our smart logistics solutions improve the flow of materials and goods within the company, information is distributed pointedly as required and operational procedures are refined.

Warehousing and logistics

Primary goals in warehousing are maximum throughput and error reduction to achieve highest productivity. Receipt of goods, order picking, packing, shipping, inventory control, permanent inventory – all these tasks can be optimized resulting in an improved operational performance and a motivated workforce.


To guarantee top product quality on a permanent basis, efficiency and precision during all production processes are of vital importance. With our solutions, maximum capacity utilization and highest productivity are made possible. By enhancing transparency products can be traced along the entire manufacturing chain.

RFID solutions

There are hardly any limits to RFID application fields. RFID enables contactless and gapless real-time localization and tracking of objects. Exploit the huge potential of RFID solutions: simplify working processes, reduce errors to a minimum, use bulk reading capabilities, streamline administrative processes etc. leading to considerably improved procedures, higher performance and efficiency. We keep you updated with innovative data technology, such as developments in the internet of things (IoT) area, providing target-oriented and forward-looking solutions for dynamic enterprises.


For optimal supply chain management, consistent transparency and real-time tracking together with high data security and permanent access to reliable information are crucial. No matter if goods are delivered via airfreight, ground or ship transportation, we provide custom solutions to improve internal operations as well as traceability during delivery, thus enhancing productivity and raising financial return along the way.

Voice solutions

More and more businesses take advantage of voice solutions. Voice control enables workers to move freely, keeping eyes and concentration fully focused on the task rather than being constantly distracted by viewing documents or displays. This ensures higher safety, reduces errors and enables fast and efficient order processing. Are voice solutions suitable for your enterprise? We will be glad to assist you with proficient advice to find solutions that work.