ACD M2Smart Mobile Computers

  • reliable: NXP processor, AMP architecture, quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 + Cortex-M4
  • optimized: Android Industrial+ v9.0
  • excellent: integrated barcode reader
  • extraordinary: user-replaceable, rechargeable battery, up to 20 hours runtime
  • attachable: RFID, temperature-measuring, safety with emergency stop for industrial machine operation, multi-connector, keyboard, printer, payment etc. modules available

The handheld terminal M2Smart®SE by ACD stands out of the crowd. Its award-winning design provides ultimate flexibility. By means of a slide-on mechanism, various modules, suiting industrial or retail settings, can be easily attached and detached without the need of tools. The highly customizable M2Smart®SE mobile terminal comes with a high-performance NXP CPU and runs Android Industrial+, an Android version that has been optimized by ACD for corporate use. The versatile touch computer is equipped with a high-capacity battery, providing outstanding runtimes of up to 20 hours. For companies that require reliable, well-engineered technology and a high degree of adaptability, the ACD M2Smart®SE handheld computer definitely is a superb choice.

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ACD M2SMART®SE: Unmatched Adaptability

The ACD group specializes in the development of mobile solutions for industrial and logistics environments as well as the retail sector. The mobile terminal M2Smart®SE can be tailored to exactly meet individual business requirements. ACD provides a range of modules that can be attached to the body and turn the mobile computer into a powerful tool, for example for industrial applications, such as the control of robots and AGVs as well as the control of automation processes. The M2Smart®SE also suits applications in the retail and warehousing sectors, for example for mobile PoS or inventory tasks, receiving and shipment of goods etc. There is a large range of slide-in units available to mix and match: M2UHF is an RFID module for LF/HF/UHF, allowing a read distance of up to 1.5 m (long-range module will be available end Q3/2020). Different layouts of the M2Key keypad module enable optimal manual data entry. The M2Temperature unit provides an infrared sensor for the measuring of surface temperatures and a penetration probe to measure core temperatures. The M2Safety enables emergency stops and is particularly made for industrial applications. M2Connect provides additional USB and round plug interfaces. Also available are a printer module for labels and tags and a payment module for mobile checkout solutions. With the patented slide-in mechanism, the units can be attached and detached without tools. Additionally, there is a pistol grip available for scan-intensive use.

The ACD M2Smart®SE handheld computer is equipped with a powerful NXP processor with asymmetric multi-core CPU architecture, consisting of a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 platform and a low-power Cortex-M4 CPU. It is available with a minimum memory capacity of 2 GB RAM and 16 GB Flash or larger on request. The Android operating system was modified by ACD to suit the higher requirements of industrial and business applications and does not contain Google Mobile Services (GMS). The result, Android Industrial+, is upgradeable, ensures high data security and long-term availability as well as regular security updates and is highly adaptable to individual needs. ACD also offers software tools to ensure easy configuration and a user-friendly experience. With the ACD KioskMode, applications can be pre-defined. The KioskBrowser allows access only to specified websites. ACD offers an MDM software tool and supports SOTI or Ivanti MDM solutions. Wireless connectivity via WiFi and Bluetooth are available as option.

Applications in industry and retail require high-performance data acquisition. The M2Smart®SE comes with a 1D/2D imager, optionally with DotCode reading capabilities and it provides a 5-megapixel camera. The 4.8-inch capacitive touch screen provides a convenient user interface.

The robust housing of the ACD M2Smart®SE mobile terminal is rated protection class IP41 and IP54. If required, the portable computer is also available with protection class IP65 compliance. Scratch resistant tempered glass protects the display (MOHS category 5-6). The design of the M2Smart®SE ensures high reliability and a long service life.

Another outstanding feature of the M2Smart®SE by ACD is the extremely long-lasting 6000 mAh battery. The hot-swappable battery provides energy for up to 20 hours per charge. A quick-change mechanism ensures user convenience.

Altogether, the modular handheld terminal M2Smart®SE is a premium mobile computing solution, offering high data processing performance and a large variety of options for customization.