Bixolon XM7 Serie Label Printers

  • versatile: 2 versions (2-inch, 4-inch), liner or linerless media, various printer languages, multiple connectivity configurations
  • user-friendly: large color display, easy media loading, Unicode, direct printing from SAP® Smart Forms, integrated peeler
  • rugged: 1 m (XM7-20) or 1.8 m (XM7-40) drop resistance, IP54
  • powerful: XM7-40 including high-performance smart battery
  • clever: including useful software applications, optional MDM

Mobile workplaces require compact devices that can easily be taken along, for example attached to a shoulder strap or placed on a mobile work station. The BIXOLON XM7 label printer series was designed for mobile applications. It comprises 2 versions, the 2-inch version XM7-20 and the 4-inch version XM7-40. The printers enable flexible configurations. They are made for a long service life and suitable for various application fields, such as retail, field service, logistics and healthcare.

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BIXOLON XM7: Compact Mobile Label Printer Series

Label printing on the go: Their small size makes the smart label printers of the XM7 series a perfect choice for mobile applications. Carry a printer with you when labeling boxes in a warehouse or articles in a retail shop or have the printer right at hand on a medical cart for point-of-care applications. Because of their rugged design, the XM7-20 and XM7-40 are also suitable for harsh environments, for instance in manufacturing.

Printing capabilities: The direct thermal printers of the BIXOLON XM7 series enable the printing of barcodes, fonts and graphics at a resolution of 203 dpi. Both can process lined labels or linerless material (option).

XM7-20                                                               XM7-40

Max. print width:                           48 mm                                                                 104 mm

Max. print speed:                           6 ips (152 mm/s)                                             5 ips (127 mm/s)

Media width:                                    25-58 mm                                                          50-112 mm

Max. roll diameter:                       57 mm                                                                 66 mm

Convenience: Easy handling is the key to a smooth workflow. A large color display allows intuitive operation of the compact XM7 printers. Media loading is as easy as can be with Smart Media Detection. The printers come with a built-in peeler so that the printed label can be conveniently removed. It is possible to directly print from SAP Smart Forms.

Integration and more: The BIXOLON printer series XM7 supports multiple printer languages: SLCS, BPL-Z, BPL-C, BXL/POS. They are available with 128 MB SDRAM/256 MB Flash or 256 MB SDRAM/512 MB Flash. BIXOLON’s label design software “LabelArtist Mobile” is included. An MDM software solution is available as option. There are various connectivity options possible. The printers come with USB 2.0 HS and serial port as standard. Additionally available are USB + serial + Wi-Fi, USB + serial + Bluetooth and USB + serial + Dual (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth).

Extremely durable design: For mobile applications, portable devices have to be robust. The two mobile label printers XM7-20 and XM7-40 by BIXOLON are, therefore, extra tough. The XM7-20 can withstand drops from a height of 2.1 m and the XM7-40 from 1.8 m. Both printers are protected against the ingress of dust and water complying with protection class IP54. They can be operated within a temperature range from -15 °C to +50 °C.

Smart power supply: The XM7-40 comes with a replaceable high-performance 6800 mAh smart battery as standard. It enables monitoring of battery status and life cycle information. For the XM7-20 model, a smart battery is available as option.

Accessories: Belt strap, shoulder strap, various charging options, spare batteries etc.