CAB EOS Series Label Printers

  • tailored: compact (EOS 2/EOS 2 mobile) or large (EOS 5/EOS 5 mobile) models
  • convenient: 3” touch display, multiple connectivity options, stand-alone operation possible
  • flexible: extensive range of materials can be processed, thermal transfer and direct thermal printing methods

The CAB EOS label printer series is suitable for a large variety of media, such as paper, cardboard, plastics, shrink tubes and textile tapes. Versatile, reliable and, if required, even mobile – the EOS printers provide an excellent label printing solution for many application fields. The EOS 2 model is a compact device with a small footprint, whereas the EOS 5 allows large media rolls with a diameter of up to 203 mm. Both versions are also available with 24 VDC input voltage to connect a battery for mobile applications.

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CAB EOS: Small, Big or Mobile – Your Choice

How much flexibility do you need? The CAB EOS printers EOS 2, EOS 5 and the two mobile versions present a good choice for different applications. The EOS 2 label printer holds media rolls with a diameter of up to 152 mm, the EOS 5 of up to 203 mm. As option, it is also possible to use fanfold media (not for mobile models). The stationary printer versions offer a print resolution of 203 dpi and 300 dpi, mobile versions of 300 dpi. They enable direct thermal and thermal transfer print methods on a huge range of materials. The EOS 2 and EOS 5 printers can sense gap and reflective labels. For particularly slim materials and transfer foil, there are special rollers available.

Who needs complicated? With a 4.3-inch color touch screen, the desktop-sized printers EOS 2 and EOS 5 can be operated intuitively. As the menu is self-explanatory, there is not much training required to use the label printers.

Do you want to run the printer in stand-alone mode? It is possible to operate the printers of the EOS series by CAB without PC. They are equipped with an 800 MHz CPU and provide 256 MB RAM and 50 MB IFFS. Additionally, the printers come with an SD card slot (SDXC/SDHC) to extend memory by up to 512 GB. A USB flash drive can be connected as well.

What do you want to print? The versatile EOS series’ printers enable the printing of barcodes, fonts and graphics. Create labels with the included cablabel S3 Lite software or the optional cablabel S3 Pro version. Third party solutions, such as Loftware, and BarTender are also supported.  The printers are compatible with Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems.

Would you prefer a mobile solution? You may require a label printer on a mobile work station or a medical cart. The EOS 2 and EOS 5 printers are also available as mobile devices. 24 VDC input voltage enable battery power supply.

Connectivity options: 2 x USB Host on the back of the devices to connect e. g. a service key, USB memory stick, keyboard, barcode scanner, USB Bluetooth adapter, USB WLAN stick, external operation panel; 1 x USB Host on the side of the operation panel to connect a service key or a USB memory stick; Ethernet 10/100; RS-232.

Accessories: Rollers for slim print (60 mm, 30 mm), external operation panel, USB WLAN stick, Bluetooth adapter, label selection I/O box, battery unit etc.