CipherLab RK95 Mobile Computers

  • flexible: 4 scan engine options, 3 keypad options, optional 13 MP camera, optional 4G/LTE and GPS, optional NFC, 2 battery options plus 1 for cold storage
  • handy:3” display, readable indoors and outdoors, for legacy or touch-based applications
  • rugged: IP65, 1.8 m drop resistance (2.4 m with rubber boot), -20 °C – 50 °C
  • heated: model with heater for low-temperature applications (-30 °C)
  • optimal: octa-core processor, Android OS, storage expansion up to 2 TB (SDXC

If you are looking for a rugged mobile terminal that is suitable for challenging environments, the CipherLab RK95 is a remarkable option. Not only does it provide a rugged dust and waterproof housing, it is also available for temperatures as low as -30 °C, ideal for cold-storage applications. It is equipped with up-to-date processing and wireless technology. Multiple options make the RK95 handheld extremely adaptable and versatile. A combination of touch screen and keypad enables convenient navigation and data input. The flexible mobile computer RK95 by CipherLab meets the high requirements of effective data collection, processing and transmission, for example in warehousing, distribution and manufacturing environments.

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CIPHERLAB RK95: Tough Handheld Terminal Suitable for Cold-storage Applications

With the RK95, CipherLab presents a capable handheld computer for a large application field. The highly customizable device can be equipped according to requirements. For example, digital data capture is a technology that has decisively increased efficiency in many industries. However, different sectors have different needs with regard to barcode capture. The RK95 can be equipped with a scan engine that exactly suits the workflow. Available are a 1D laser scanner (not available for freezer option) or three 2D imagers, a standard-range, a mid-range and a long-range imager with a read range of over 21 m. If required, a 13-megapixel camera can be added, for example for documentation purposes.

The mobile terminal RK95 by CipherLab comes with an effective 2.2 GHz octa-core CPU with 4 GB RAM. The storage capacity of 64 GB can be extended by up to 2 TB (SDXC). For intuitive use, the RK95 runs Android 9 and is upgradeable to Android 10. The handheld is certified “Android Enterprise Recommended” (AER) and provides Google Mobile Services. Android zero-touch enrollment facilitates the deployment of mobile devices. Additionally, the RK95 comes with the Android Device Configurator (ADC) for simple and customized configuration. CipherLab offers ReMoCloud, an internet-based management solution for Android devices. The RK95 is also compatible with third-party MDM solutions, for example SOTI MobiControl, VMware Workspace ONE (formerly AirWatch) and Ivanti Avalanche.

For user convenience, the CipherLab RK95 handheld terminal has a large 4.3-inch display and can be used for touch-based applications. However, the CipherLab TE is also compatible with legacy VT and TN emulations. The RK95’s touch screen is made of Corning Gorilla Glass to ensure high durability. It can be operated with fingers, gloves and stylus, even when the screen is wet. Three backlit keypad options allow optimal manual data input: 29-key numeric keypad, 38-key numeric and function keypad, 52-key alphanumeric keypad.

Fast and reliable data access and transmission are essential in modern work environments. Therefore, CipherLab has equipped the RK95 handheld with latest 2 x 2 MU-MIMO WLAN technology, including fast roaming, as well as with Bluetooth 5.0 class 2. The RK95 supports PTT. For mobile network connectivity, it is possible to equip the terminal additionally with LTE/GPS and NFC as options.

Rough environments and fast-paced workflows require robust devices. The CipherLab RK95 handheld can withstand drops from 1.8 m (1.5 m freezer version) and even 2.4 m with the rubber boot accessory. It is protected against dust and water ingress in compliance with protection class IP65. The standard model can be operated within a temperature range from -20 °C to +50 °C.

For cold-storage areas, CipherLab provides a freezer-enabled version of the RK95 terminal. It is manufactured using special ice-resistant materials. Display and scan window are equipped with embedded heaters to ensure that the display remains visible and the scan function is not affected by low temperatures. The freezer-enabled version of the RK95 has an integrated temperature sensor. It is possible to set a certain temperature and the heater control software will turn the heaters on and off accordingly. A special battery for low temperature operations that lasts for at least 5 hours at -30 °C is available.

The standard version of the RK95 terminal by CipherLab is available with two user-replaceable battery options: a 3,000 mAh and a 6,000 mAh battery. The RK95 provides hot-swap capability.

Accessories: Charging and communication cradle, snap-on USB cable, pistol grip, rubber boot, hand strap, 4-slot battery charge, multi-slot device and battery charging cradle