Datalogic DS6400 Barcode Scanner

  • fast: up to 1200 scans/s, read range between 300 mm and 2500 mm
  • flexible: multiple connectivity options, flexible design, option with oscillating mirror available
  • robust: aluminum housing, IP64 (IP65 option available), resistant against shock and vibration

Automation processes can increase productivity in many industries. They enhance throughput, provide real-time track-and-trace data, and save manpower. The DS6400 mid-range scanner from Datalogic is a powerful fixed laser scanner for capturing linear barcodes. It enables a high reading rate. Thanks to its compact and adaptable design, the DS6400 can be installed in a space-saving manner. Numerous connectivity options ensure uncomplicated integration. The Datalogic DS6400 is suitable, for example, for automated picking processes and inbound and outbound logistics in warehouses, for automated manufacturing processes in the automotive industry or for identifying and tracking products in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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DATALOGIC DS6400: Fixed Scanner for Automated Processes

The industrial-grade scanner Datalogic DS6400 captures barcodes at an incredibly high speed of 600 to 1200 scans per second. It provides an ideal solution for data capture on conveyor belts. The read range is between 300 mm and 2500 mm. As the scanner is equipped with autofocus, the lens can quickly adapt to various distances. The DS6400 reads common barcodes correctly, even if they are low-contrast, damaged or moving quickly. The PACKTRACK function is ideal for data capture on conveyor belts. It ensures that barcode data is correctly assigned even when there are only small gaps between goods. With the DS6400, it is possible to capture up to 10 different 1D codes in the same reading phase.

For optimal positioning, the flexible Step-A-Head design enables the reader and the decoding unit to be installed independently. The industrial scanner is protected against dust and water in accordance with protection class IP64 as standard; protection class IP65 is also possible if required. The DS6400 has a display and three operating buttons. Configuration is carried out using a Windows-based software tool.

The fixed scanner DS6400 is optionally available with an oscillating mirror. This allows a larger field of view.

Dimensions: 110 × 113 × 99 mm or 113 × 180 × 104.5 mm (with oscillating mirror)

Main Port: RS-232/RS-485

Auxiliary Port: RS-232

Additional Port Options: Lonworks (Master/Slave), Profibus, Ethernet, DeviceNet, 4 programmable digital inputs, 3 programmable digital outputs