Datalogic Magellan 1500i Barcode Scanner

  • flexible: hands-free or handheld mode
  • powerful: 1D/2D and optional Digimarc decoding, even off screens
  • comfortable: small formfactor, clean design
  • useful: for a wide range of applications and areas

The newest Member of the Magellan series is the 1500i from Datalogic. This omnidirectional presentation scanner is made for customer environments like POS in retail or commercial services in banks or post offices but is also suitable for the application in pharmacies and other healthcare environments. It provides advanced scanning capabilities and allows flexible use, due to multiple mounting options.

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Datalogic Magellan 1500i: Adjustable High-performance Scanner

The Magellan 1500i by Datalogic is the new flagship barcode scanner for a variety of applications and branches. It is useful in retail environments but can also be found in public administration and utilities as well as Healthcare areas. You can easily decode barcodes from labels, loyalty cards or mobile devices, like digital coupons or tickets.

The powerful 1D/2D scanner can be optionally upgraded with Digimarc decoding. The well-known “Green Spot” good-read confirmation is included as well as versatile software tools for monitoring and management.

There are also versatile mounting options available, like a fixed riser stand, a tilt stand, a magnetic base or a wall mount. You can switch between handheld or hands-free mode in seconds, which makes operation flexible.

The Magellan 1500i is comfortable to use. It comes with a small form factor and a clean design. To fit perfectly into the environment, you can choose between a white or a black variant.