Datalogic Matrix 320 Fixed Scanner

  • customizable: various lighting solutions, customizable good-read-feedback, flexible connectors orientation, 9 mm/34° or 16 mm/20° liquid lens, large range of accessories
  • excellent: new generation CMOS sensor, 2 MP resolution, 16:9 format
  • optimal: for industrial applications, reads 1D, 2D, Postal, DPM codes
  • fast: 60 fps, new laser cross red projection aiming system, FTP image saving
  • essential: industry-grade connectivity, Ethernet, serial, OPC UA

The barcode reader Matrix 320 by Datalogic was particularly designed for industrial traceability applications, as required, for example, in the manufacturing or intralogistics industries. This image-based code reader replaces handheld barcode readers. It excels in efficiency and ensures hygienic work places. It enables high-performance and at the same time cost-effective traceability solutions for conveyor lines. The Datalogic Matrix 320 offers a large variety of options, configurations and accessories to make sure that industry-specific requirements can be met. A plug-and-play solution is also available.

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DATALOGIC MATRIX 320: Extremely Adaptable Image-based Traceability Solution

The Datalogic Matrix 320 is a stationary code reader for high-speed data capture. The image-based scanner is therefore ideal for production lines or automated warehouses. New sensor technology enables a 2-megapixel resolution at a 16:9 aspect ratio. Because of its exceptionally large horizontal field of view, which is comparable to that of a 3-megapixel sensor, together with advanced image-processing technology and flexible lighting options, the Datalogic Matrix 320 offers outstanding performance at reasonable cost.

Liquid lens technology enables a light and small form factor and provides flexibility by means of electronic focus control. The scanners are available either with a 9 mm or a 16 mm lens, which can be selected according to application. The Matrix 320 scanner reads 1D, 2D and DPM codes. A combination of printed codes and DPM is also possible. Challenging codes, such as poorly printed or damaged codes, are captured without a problem and working processes need not be interrupted. An extremely fast read rate of 60 fps (frames per second) also contributes to improved productivity.

The industrial barcode reader Matrix 320 by Datalogic is highly adaptable. Depending on the code used or on the product material, color and intensity of the lights can be accordingly chosen and customized. The Matrix 320 is available with 14 or 36 LEDs, with red, blue or white light. This intelligent solution provides maximum flexibility. 14 LEDs cover a reading range from 35 to 1000 mm, 36 LEDs from 70 mm to 1500 mm. Datalogic’s Matrix 320 reader gives clear good-read confirmation by means of a 360° multi-color feedback and additionally a green or red spot on the barcode.

To enable various industrial application scenarios, the Datalogic Matrix 320 reader is equipped with Ethernet (10/100/1000, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP), serial and OPC UA connectivity. With the Datalogic ID-NET interface, it is possible to create a communications network by connecting multiple readers. With its rotating connector block (0° to 90°), the Matrix 320 suits flexible mounting options.

Easy integration and use of the Datalogic Matrix 320 reader is ensured with the X-PRESS HMI and the DL.Code software. X-PRESS, the human-machine interface, simply consists of 7 LEDs and a multifunction button. DL.Code is a Windows-based software which was particularly developed for the Matrix 2D readers range and provides a graphic user-interface for uncomplicated setup and application of the devices. The software optimizes scanning performance and efficiency and provides an auto-learning feature. DL.Code also includes an online diagnostics tool which enables constant monitoring of one or multiple devices and ensures fast trouble-shooting.

The Datalogic Matrix 320 2D reader can be used within a temperature range from 0 °C to 45 °C and is sealed against the ingress of particles and water in compliance with protection classes IP65 and IP67. The Matrix 320 is available with sulfur gas resistance, ESD safe and with YAG laser protection.

Accessories: Multiple cable options, polarizing filter, YAG laser filter, mounting bracket options