Datalogic PowerScan 95X1-AR Barcode Scanner

The new PowerScan 95X1 Auto Range (AR) series by Datalogic is a multi-faceted scanner series with a robust design. The rugged handheld scanners suit roughest industrial environments. There are various versions available, enabling tailor-made solutions for your enterprise. The corded model suits stationary applications, while different cordless models with a particularly large reading range are ideal for flexible mobile use. Point-and-shoot simplicity and a new aiming technology ensure intuitive use of the powerful scanning devices.

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  • versatile: scalable handheld scanners for industrial environments
  • rugged: 2 m drop resistance, IP65, -20 °C – 50 °C
  • excellent: cordless models with extended reading range from 15 cm to more than 20 m
  • easy: omnidirectional point-and-shoot barcode scanning
  • ideal: ergonomic design, well-balanced weight distribution

In the manufacturing, logistics or warehousing fields, dependable data collection is indispensable. Datalogic’s PowerScan range barcode scanners are made for challenging environments. Now Datalogic presents a new member of the PowerScan family – the PowerScan 95X1 Auto Range (AR) series. The handheld barcode readers have a nice heft ensuring comfortable operation. They are easy to use with the innovative “frame” aimer. The soft white light is easy on the eyes. Datalogic’s patented 3 Green Lights (3GL) and an adjustable beeper provide clear good-read confirmation.

The barcode scanners of the PowerScan 95X1-AR series can withstand harsh treatment, which makes them perfectly suitable for rough industrial settings. They survive multiple drops from a height of 2 m to concrete. Sealed against the ingress of dust and liquids according to protection class IP65, the PowerScan 95X1-AR series scanners can be used indoors or outdoors. Also, the wide temperature range, from -20 °C to +50 °C, enables flexible use.

PowerScan 95X1-AR series models:

PowerScan PD9531-AR: The PowerScan PD9531-AR is a corded handheld barcode scanner for desktop applications. It reads 1D and 2D barcodes as well as stacked and postal codes at distances from contact to more than 1 m. It also supports image capture.

PowerScan PM9501-AR: The cordless models of the PowerScan 95X1-AR series provide an exceptional reading range from 15 cm to more than 20 m. The PowerScan PM9501-AR is equipped with Datalogic’s STAR Cordless System for wireless radio connectivity on the frequencies 433 MHz or 910 MHz. The readers allow point-to-point or point-to-multi-point applications. Up to 16 devices can be connected to one radio receiver. The base station comes with standard and industrial Ethernet ensuring optimal usability for a broad variety of applications. Besides the basic PM9501-AR model, there are two versions with additional display and keyboard options. The PM9501-DAR model comes with a display and 4 configurable keys. The PM9501-DKAR is equipped with a display and 16 configurable keys enabling convenient interaction with the host system and therefore eliminating the need for an extra data terminal.

PowerScan PBT9501-AR: The PowerScan PBT9501-AR also provides an extended reading range from 15 cm to over 20 m. The extended range PowerScan 95X1 series handheld scanners feature state-of-the-art autofocus technology, which enables ultra-fast focusing from barcode close-up to more distant barcode capture. With the PowerScan PBT9501-AR, it is either possible to scan multiple codes at a time or to select one specific code. The effective industrial barcode readers are equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 Class 1 allowing a radio range of up to 100 m. It is possible to connect up to 7 scanners to one base station. The base station provides standard as well as industrial Ethernet connectivity.

The cordless scanner models of the Datalogic PowerScan 95X1-AR series come with a user-replaceable rechargeable battery. The robust handheld barcode readers share PowerScan 9XXX series accessories.

Technical specification

Product Category Barcode Scanners
Category Handheld Scanners
Manufacturer Datalogic
Scan-Technology 2D-Area-Imager
Interface RS-232, USB, Keyboard Wedge (PM9501-AR/PBT9501-AR: RS-485, optional Ethernet)
Colour Options black-yellow
Sealing IP65
Operating Temperature -20°C-50 °C
Display only PM9501-AR optional


Datasheet Datalogic PBT9501-AR Datasheet Datalogic PD9531 Datasheet Datalogic PM9501-AR

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