Datalogic PowerScan PD9530-DPM Evo Barcode Scanner

  • user-friendly: visual and acoustic good read feedback
  • powerful: aggressive omnidirectional reading
  • comfortable: feels good in the hand thanks to its ergonomic shape
  • robust: dust and splash protection
  • variable: equipped with various communication ports

Special barcodes sometimes require special scanners. These barcodes include the DPM code, which can be attached directly to the object using a variety of methods without the need for another carrier. Barcodes, for example, can be etched, lasered or embossed onto the object. Datalogic has created scanners with the PowerScan 9500-DPM Evo series that are designed to read exactly these DPM codes. Part of this series is the PD9530-DPM Evo.

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Datalogic‘s PD9530-DPM Evo: Wireless Barcode Scanner

Specially designed for DPM codes, the wired PD9530-DPM captures barcodes easily and intuitively. This not only saves time but also money. With the barcode scanner you can still read the conventional 1D and 2D barcodes. The PD9530-DPM Evo bundles several functions in one device. An additional barcode scanner for 1D and 2D barcodes becomes superfluous.

The reading range of the PD9530-DMP Evo Barcode Scanner depends on the type of the DPM codes. Typically, the reading distance is up to 4-5 cm. Equipped with a high-resolution optics, the barcode scanner can decode even very small and high-resolution codes without difficulty. The distance range is between 0 and 15 cm.

As usual, Datalogic also relies on user-friendliness for this scanner. With a particularly gentle white light, the eyes of the user are loaded much less than with conventional barcode scanners.

Are you looking for a scanner that combines several scanning functions in one device and is characterized by its user-friendliness? Then the PD9530-DPM from Datalogic is the right barcode scanner for you and your company!