Datalogic PowerScan PM9500-DPM Evo Barcode Scanner

  • trouble-free: advanced optics and sophisticated software to support any kind of DPM
  • wireless: STAR Cordless System 2.0 with up to 100 m radio range
  • rugged: IP65, 2 m drop resistance, -20 °C to +50 °C

In industrial environments, Direct Part Marking (DPM) is very common. The Datalogic PowerScan PM9500-DPM EVO was developed with the capability to read and decode particularly small, high-resolution barcodes directly imprinted on articles. This rugged handheld area imager with its ergonomic form factor can be used intuitively. STAR Cordless System 2.0 provides convenient mobility.

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DATALOGIC POWERSCAN PM9500-DPM EVO: Rugged Barcode Scanner for Direct Part Marking (DPM)

The Datalogic PowerScan PM9500-DPM EVO is a powerful solution for all sorts of industrial barcode scanning applications. Due to its Direct Part Marking (DPM) reading capabilities, the scanner is extremely versatile. Of course, it also reads standard barcodes from labels. The handheld barcode reader can be equipped with LCD display and either with a 4- or with a 16-key keypad which enables 2-way communication with the host system. Data can be transmitted point-to-point or point-to-multipoint.

For high user-friendliness, the Datalogic PowerScan PM9500-DPM EVO comes with pleasant soft white illumination. A 4-dot aiming system enables intuitive scanning. After each successful scan, the operator receives clear audible and visible good-read confirmation. Datalogic’s Motionix motion sensing technology automatically switches into the required scanning mode.

The Datalogic PowerScan PM9500-DPM EVO is equipped with STAR Cordless System 2.0. This wireless radio connectivity allows optimal mobility and flexibility at the workplace.

As the Datalogic Powerscan series was particularly designed for application in industrial areas, the PowerScan PM9500-DPM EVO handheld imager is also exceptionally robust. It is sealed against the ingress of dust and water to comply with protection class IP65. The barcode scanner can withstand drops from a height of up to 2 m. It can be operated within a temperature range from -20 °C to +50 °C. The battery is user-replaceable.