Datalogic PowerScan PM9600 Series Barcode Scanner

  • strong: IP67 sealing and fall protection from a height of 2.5 m
  • clever: long battery life thanks to precise energy management
  • stable: long service life due to robust construction
  • excellent: also reads poor quality codes & from labels or displays

Are you looking for an indestructible handheld scanner that is intuitive to use and offers excellent scanning performance? Datalogic's PowerScan PM9600 is an optimal solution for the toughest environmental conditions. The handheld scanners have an ultra-robust design and an ergonomic shape to reduce the strain on its user during daily activities. It reads all common 1D and 2D codes, postcodes, stacked codes and the invisible digital watermark code. The PowerScan PM9600 is easy to set up and simple to use.

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DATALOGIC PowerScan PM9600 Series: Robust barcode reader for tough environments

The Datalogic PowerScan PM9600 is an ultra-rugged barcode scanner, ideal for harsh environments. The cordless hand scanner helps the user to increase his efficiency. The precise energy management enables a long battery life and guarantees reliability for a whole shift. The PowerScan PM9600 is equipped with the Datalogic Wireless Charging System. The clever charging system eliminates the need for battery contacts and pins, which often get dirty, bend or even break off over time. This minimizes failures and the scanners can be used reliably.

You can get started right away with the PowerScan PM9600 hand-held scanner from Datalogic. It connects to any host and it only takes a few steps to use the scanner. It has a USB and an RS-232 port as well as a keyboard wedge.

Using the barcode scanner Datalogic PowerScan PM9600 is also easy and uncomplicated. The clearly visible aiming device is aimed at the barcode and then triggered. After reading the barcode, you get a clear audible feedback and the patented “green dot” (Green Spot) also appears on the barcode as a visual confirmation that it has been read. With the PowerScan PM9600, barcode capture is possible from any direction. It can be used as a hand scanner or as a presentation scanner. Depending on the application, various holders or stands are available as accessories.

The Datalogic PowerScan PM9600 is designed for everyday use and is therefore particularly robust. It can withstand falls from a height of up to 2.5 m and is also protected against the ingress of dust and water according to protection class IP67. The trigger is often the most sensitive component on a barcode reader. The Datalogic PowerScan PM9600 even manages over 10 million triggers. With the Datalogic PowerScan PM9600 you make an investment for the future.