Epson TM-L100 Series Label Printers

  • versatile: suitable for various linerless media options
  • flexible: 3 models, multiple interface options
  • minimalistic: compact design, easy-to-clean housing, small footprint
  • easy: straightforward POS integration with ePOS features

The three printer models of the TM-L100 series by Epson are especially intended for catering, shipping, and delivery services as well as for use in retail and pharmacies. The intelligent label printers can be perfectly integrated into POS systems. They process linerless media only. The stylish printer series TM-L100 provides an environmentally friendly solution.

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EPSON TM-L100 SERIES: Smart Linerless Printers

Smart printing at the point of sale: Products and orders marked with easy-to-read labels and barcodes ensure seamless workflows and prevent errors. Meals and goods can be delivered without delay. The label printers of the TM-L100 series by Epson offer an ideal solution for dynamic points of sale. Due to ePOS features, such as ePOS Device and ePOS Print, they can be easily integrated into POS systems. The “Server Direct Print” application enables printing from a web server. As soon as the take-up sensor detects that a printed label has been removed, the next label will be printed. When the printer is connected to a tablet via cable, data can be transferred and the tablet be charged simultaneously.

Simplicity and flexibility: The compact Epson TM-L100 series’ label printers have a small footprint and don’t take up much space. They can be set up flexibly, either vertically or horizontally or even be mounted on a wall. The printers have no buttons and are therefore perfectly easy to clean.

Versatile and environmentally friendly label printing solution: With the TM-L100 series’ printers the amount of waste can be significantly reduced. They process linerless labels, i.e. labels without base material, which is often plastic-coated. In addition, the three models of the TM-L100 series produce less label waste. The printers are able to process a variety of media types, for example, easy-to-remove labels as well as strongly adhesive media and die-cut labels with black markings The printers can handle media rolls with a width of 40 mm, 58 mm, and 80 mm. The print speed is 170 mm per second.


TM-L100 (121): 1 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 2.0-A, Ethernet, Lightning, Bluetooth

TM-L100 (111): 1 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 2.0-A, Ethernet, Lightning

TM-L100 (101): 1 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 2.0-A, Ethernet, RS-232

A wireless Internet connection is possible using a WLAN dongle (accessory, models 121 and 111 only).

Accessories: WLAN dongle (for models 121, 111), external buzzer, wall mount