Forsis EXPERT BS, 17″ LCD TFT Industrial Computers

  • solid: sturdy stainless steel housing, IP67
  • reliable: Intel ATOM processor, 2 or 4 GB RAM
  • optimal: for hygiene-intensive industries

Are you looking for a robust industrial computer that is also suitable for hygiene-sensitive areas? Then you will find the IPCs of Forsis. The Expert models are designed specially for industries such as food processing and pharmaceuticals. The computers have a stainless steel housing (V2A, V4A) with a smooth surface and can therefore be hygienically cleaned. You have the choice between different processors and operating systems.

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FORSIS EXPERT 1700 BS SXGA: This Computers can keep a lot

The Forsis Expert 1700 BS SXGA has a 17″ touchscreen and is therefore easy to operate. The IPC with an IP67 standard (including the BINDER connectors) is extremely robust, making it ideal for industrial environments.

Existing interfaces: 1 x RS232, 1 x RS422/485, 1 x USB2.0, VGA, 1 x Ethernet 1000 Mbps, mouse / keyboard. Slot: PCI 104.

Expert 1700 BS SXGA stationary with 17“ display:

A T:
CPU: Intel ATOM D425, 1,6 GHz, 2 GB RAM, HDD 80 GB
OS: Windows 7, Windows Embedded 7
Additional Options: WLAN, Bluetooth, UMTS/LTE, RFID-Reader

A2C T:
CPU: Intel ATOM D525, 2 x 1,8 GHz, 4 GB RAM, SSD 128 GB
OS: Windows 7 or 8, Windows Embedded 7 or 8, IGEL (e.g. for Linux)
Additional Options: WLAN, Bluetooth, UMTS/LTE