Gittel GMS 1200 Mobile Trolley

  • independent: 2 x 260 Ah lead gel batteries, up to 14 hours runtime
  • convenient: integration of laser printer possible
  • customizable: numerous options, e.g. shelves, drawers, WiFi antenna, handles, integrated keyboards, heater for cold storage applications etc.

For working environments that require a high level of mobility with regard to computer equipment, the Gittel GMS 1200 mobile station is an excellent choice. The GMS 1200 cart is equipped with a powerful lead gel battery that even allows the operation of a laser printer to a limited extend. The exceedingly robust computer station can be customized according to individual needs. The Gittel GMS 1200 computer station is a cost-effective way to a more flexible workplace.

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GITTEL GMS 1200: Battery-powered Mobile Computer Station

The Gittel GMS 1200 trolley is extremely sturdy and can be equipped with additional impact protection. It is suitable for a weight load of up to 225 kg. The useful computer cart comes with a grey and yellow design and a standard size of 1060 x 620 x 595 cm (height x width x depth). It is possible to adjust the size on request. The castors are lockable with fixing brakes.

To enable mobile operation, the Gittel GMS 1200 IT cart has two integrated 260 Ah lead gel batteries providing power for up to 14 hours, depending on the intensity and type of use. It provides 1200 watts continuous power and up to 2400 watts peak load energy. The computer station is equipped with a six-socket power bar (with RCCB) and a 5 m cable reel to ensure convenient connection. Battery status is continually monitored and displayed on an integrated screen.

Although the Gittel GMS 1200 is not designed for a continuous use of high-performance laser printers, it is possible to connect a laser printer for occasional use (for the unrestricted use of a laser printer, please refer to Gittel GMS 1600 LiFe). This makes the GMS 1200 mobile station an economical solution for particular applications.

Due to multiple equipment options, the Gittel GMS 1200 mobile computer station is highly customizable and provides exceptional flexibility. It is possible to customize the size, as well as the composition of the cart. It can, for example, be equipped with drawers and fixed or extendable shelves. Handles are available for convenient movement of the cart. A WiFi antenna can be integrated and there are different monitor mount options possible. For the use in harsh environments, there are built-in keyboard options with protection class IP65 rating and heater options for cool storage environments available.

The mobile computer cart GMS 1200 by Gittel is designed for the convenient and intelligent utilization of work-related computer equipment.