Handheld SP400X Imprinter Label Printers

  • economical: no need for labels, crisp prints directly onto any kind of surface
  • comfortable: lightweight portable solution
  • fast: more than 1250 scans and prints per hour
  • reliable: HP printing technology
  • robust: sturdy construction, IP53

The innovative SP400X, designed by the Handheld Group, is a superior scanning and printing solution that not only saves costs and time but also reduces waste. The wearable device is an ideal choice for warehousing and logistics environments. Fast barcode reading and printing directly onto the package enhances productivity by speeding up working processes.

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The Handheld SP400X provides a clever symbiosis of barcodes scanner and printing solution. There are no labels required, as the SP400X prints the information directly onto any kind of material or surface. A finger unit and a wrist unit keep the device in a comfortable position enabling smooth movement when scanning the barcode and printing data on the package.

The advanced imager decodes 1D and 2D barcodes as well as postal codes and enables OCR. It works fast and allows high motion tolerance to ensure optimal scanning performance. After reading the barcode, the data is transmitted to the host system which sends required information back to the Handheld SP400X which can then be printed with merely one movement of the hand.

World-renowned and proven HP printing technology guarantees clear, high-contrast prints. The genuine HP ink is quick-drying and smudge-free and it can be applied to almost any kind of surface making the device extremely versatile.

To ensure optimal integration and data communication, the Handheld SP400X is equipped with a WiFi interface. Smart software tools for easy setup and uncomplicated operation are included. The powerful battery allows more than 6000 scans on one single charge. The Handheld SP400X scanner and printer is designed for day-to-day use. Its robust construction ensures a long life. The device is sealed to comply with protection class IP53 standard.

The environmentally friendly Handheld SP400X is a perfect solution for a seamless workflow in the supply chain operations context providing a higher throughput in less time, minimizing waste and operational costs.