Honeywell Dolphin CT47 Mobile Computer

  • future-proof: latest wireless technologies, new generation CPU, OS upgradeable through Android 15
  • efficient: short-range imager or FlexRange XLR scan engine (up to 24 m scan range)
  • clever: supports Smart Talk, SmartPay
  • secure: biometric multi-factor authentication
  • rugged: up to 2.4 m drop resistance, IP65/IP68, -20 °C to +50 °C

The ultra-rugged handheld Honeywell CT47 is incredibly versatile. It is equipped with a powerful scan engine and is optimal for field service as well as for warehouse or transport and logistics applications. A latest-generation processor supports state-of-the-art wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi 6E and 5G. Industry-specific software solutions for logistics, retail, or healthcare, can be integrated. Honeywell also offers smart productivity solutions to optimize workflows.

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HONEYWELL CT47: Smart Handheld Computer providing Wi-Fi 6E and 5G

Fit for the future: The Honeywell CT47 mobile data terminal is equipped with Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax). By expanding to the 6 GHz frequency band, Internet connections are significantly faster even with a high density of devices. Wi-Fi 6E enables higher data throughput. It is less susceptible to interference and optimal when numerous devices are connected wirelessly to the Internet in a company.

5G cellular network connectivity also enables significantly higher data transmission speeds. Those who work in the field or in transportation benefit from the advantages of faster and more stable mobile connectivity. In addition, GPS and Bluetooth wireless connectivity are integrated in the CT47.

The handy CT47 mobile computer is equipped with the latest processor technology. The Qualcomm QCM6490 is an octa-core CPU of the newest generation. The CT47 is available with either 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM. The storage capacity of 128 GB can be expanded by up to 2 TB via microSD card. The CT47 is Android-based and the operating system can be upgraded to Android 15.

Powerful: In many industries, digital data capture is essential to ensure transparency and improve process efficiency. The Honeywell CT47 handheld terminal has an integrated scan module. It is optionally equipped with an all-purpose short-range imager or the powerful FlexRange XLR. With the FlexRange XLR scan engine, barcodes can be scanned from a range between 8 cm and 24 m. This high-performance scanner provides ultimate flexibility and is ideal for industrial applications. For example, barcodes in the top shelf can be captured from the floor.

Sophisticated: The slim mobile computer CT47 is easy to operate. Its 5.5-inch full HD touch display provides a comfortable user interface. The screen is protected by gorilla glass and can be operated with the finger, a stylus and even with gloves.

The modern CT47 data terminal is based on Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform. The comprehensive solution supports the uncomplicated deployment and management of mobile devices in the company. Additionally, you can choose to use Honeywell’s cloud-based asset management platform, Operational Intelligence. The CT47 is also compatible with market-leading mobile device management solutions such as SOTI MobiControl.

Numerous sector-specific software solutions are compatible with the CT47, for example the logistics software solution “FarEye”. Honeywell SmartPay offers a secure, PCI-compliant mobile payment method. SmartPay supports contactless payment (tap-to-pay) and PIN input on the touchscreen (PIN-on-glass). Therefore, the CT47 is ideal for applications where mobile payment is required, such as transport and delivery.

Secure: If mobile devices are used by multiple people, the portable data terminal CT47 from Honeywell offers customizable biometric multi-factor authentication, for example a fingerprint reader or facial recognition. User data is stored encrypted on the device.

Durable: Despite its flat and handy shape, the Handheld CT47 is extremely robust and intended for day-to-day use. It can withstand drops from a height of up to 2.4 m. In order to prevent damage caused by water or the ingress of dust particles, the device is sealed according to protection classes IP65 and IP68. It can be used at temperatures between -20 °C and +50 °C.

The CT47 mobile computer can either be used with a standard battery or with a wirelessly chargeable battery. The smart batteries can be monitored with diagnostic tools. Long battery runtimes of over 14 hours ensure reliable use of the mobile computers. The batteries can be replaced while the device is running and are fully recharged in less than three hours.

Accessories: Scan handle, RFID handle, vehicle docks, protective boot, holsters, spare battery (standard/wireless)