Honeywell Fusion MS3780 Barcode Scanner

  • simple: easy to use, omnidirectional or single-line scanning
  • economical: reasonably priced, energy saving sleep mode
  • convenient: handheld or presentation mode

The Honeywell Fusion MS3780 is a 1D laser scanner with omnidirectional and single-line reading capabilities. It is easily integrated into checkout systems and is designed for medium-volume retail applications. Improve checkout productivity with the economically priced Honeywell Fusion MS3780 barcode scanner.

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Honeywell Fusion MS3780: Affordable Barcode Scanner for Retail Applications

Retailers need a dependable scanner for a fluent checkout process. The Honeywell Fusion MS3780 can either be operated in handheld mode or in presentation mode. It comes with a metal base to provide stability or it can be fix-mounted on the counter or a wall. The stand can be tilted to 3 locking positions to provide flexibility. The omnidirectional scanning option ensures convenient hands-free barcode reading. With the integrated infra-red sensor, the device is automatically activated when a barcode is presented. This saves energy and is extremely user-friendly. For menu scanning, the laser can be aligned to a single line and then be triggered.

The lightweight design ensures comfortable use. The Honeywell Fusion MS3780 can optionally be equipped with an EAS antenna to deactivate EAS tags.

Interfaces: USB, RS-232, Keyboard Wedge, IBM 46xx (RS-485), OCIA

The Honeywell Fusion MS3780 – a functional handheld/presentation scanner that was especially designed for retail use and comes at a very affordable price.