Honeywell Operational Intelligence

  • streamlined: centralized visibility and analysis of all IT assets
  • profitable: extended lifecycle, full-capacity utilization of devices, optimized processes
  • beneficial: remote support, troubleshooting, device system wipe
  • safe: proximity detection, device cleaning manager
  • useful: manage SLA’s and RMA’s, device tracking, update management, management of device repairs and replacements

After analyzing multiple aspects which influence the productivity of Auto-ID working processes, Honeywell developed a new IT asset management platform in order to provide a centralized all-in-one solution. Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence platform is cloud based and enables the monitoring and management of a company’s entire mobile device pool. In light of the recent global health crisis, the asset management solution also enables the implementation of health protection measures. With Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence you tap the full potential of devices and batteries throughout their whole lifecycle. Operational Intelligence provides the right tools to maximize value and minimize TCO.

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Maintain full control over the company’s device pool: With Operational Intelligence, Honeywell provides the means to supervise and optimize the utilization of devices. For example, with the check-out and check-in manager, it is possible to retrace who used a handheld terminal and when. The device can also be tracked while in use. If a device is missing or not docked-in, an alert will be issued and information on the last reported location provided. Device drops are detected.

Avoid or handle problems: Operational Intelligence enables complete visibility of all equipment included in the database. Will the printer soon run out of media or ribbon? Does a battery need a recharge or replacement? Timely notifications can prevent problems to occur. The Honeywell lifecycle management software allows remote control, for instance, of mobile equipment. With Operational Intelligence, IT is able to troubleshoot and support users with needed information to solve problems fast and efficiently. If required, IT can even remotely execute a system wipe to ensure security. Operational Intelligence also ensures that software is up to date.

Simplified SLA and RMA processes: To facilitate complaints management, Operational Intelligence supports Service Level Agreement and Return Merchandise Authorization procedures.

Smart battery management system: Batteries are a large expense factor for businesses that use mobile devices. In order to keep costs low, an intelligent battery management system ensures extended battery lifecycles. It avoids battery swaps before it is necessary. To make sure that all batteries run reliably, bad batteries are detected and can be replaced before they cause delays in the workflow.

Intelligent management software for improved health protection: The proximity detection function enables social distancing. Additionally, it is possible to define device cleaning rules and keep records.

Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence is a software that complements existing device management solutions. It offers a centralized platform to monitor and analyze IT assets and ensure optimal utilization along the entire lifecycle.