Honeywell ScanPal EDA56 Mobile Computers

  • convenient:5-inch touchscreen, flat and lightweight design
  • efficient: integrated scan engine for 1D and 2D barcodes, compatible with RFID reader (accessory option)
  • durable: IP67, Gorilla glass, 1.3 m drop resistance, -20 °C to +50 °C


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HONEYWELL SCANPAL EDA56: Robust Handheld Terminal for Flexible Applications

User-friendly: The mobile computer Honeywell ScanPal EDA56 has a slim and handy design. Its 5.5-inch touch display provides a convenient user interface. There are operating buttons on the side of the device, for example two scan buttons.

Reliable data processing: The Honeywell ScanPal EDA56 data terminal is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon SM6115 octa-core processor. You can choose between a memory capacity of 4 GB RAM/64 GB ROM and 6 GB RAM/128 GB ROM. Memory can be expanded by up to 128 GB using a microSD card. The Android operating system can be upgraded up to version 13. The mobile computer is Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) certified. The EDA56 can be used with the Honeywell Operational Intelligence asset management platform.

Fast wireless connections: The data terminal EDA56 enables fast and stable wireless connections with Wi-Fi 6 and OFDMA technology. It is equipped with Bluetooth 5.1 and NFC.

Digital data capture: Whether in retail, warehousing or production, the capture of barcode and RFID data has become an essential part of modern workflows. With the ScanPal EDA56 mobile computer from Honeywell, you have a powerful barcode scanner right at your fingertips. It captures common barcodes and matrix codes, even if they are poorly printed, damaged, or dirty. Should you additionally require an RFID reader, the EDA56 is compatible with the Honeywell IH40, for example. A non-imager version of the EDA56 is available as option.

Photo capture and video calls: The 13-megapixel camera on the rear of the ScanPal EDA56 can be used for photo capture, the 5-megapixel front camera for video calls. Honeywell provides the voice-over-IP solution Smart Talk for voice and video calls.

A robust device: The Honeywell ScanPal EDA56 handheld terminal is designed to cope with modern workflows in a wide variety of environments. Gorilla glass protects the display from scratches and breakage. The mobile device can withstand drops from a height of 1.3 m. It is sealed against the ingress of dust and water in accordance with protection class IP67. The operating temperature is between -20 °C and +50 °C.

Battery: The EDA56 mobile computer is equipped with a replaceable battery that supports quick charging. It achieves a runtime of up to 12 hours per charge.

Ports: USB Type C, 2-pin or 6-pin connector (Please choose accessories accordingly.)

Accessories: Charging station, 4-slot charging station, charging station with Ethernet connection (6-pin version only), 4-slot charging station with Ethernet connection (6-pin version only), display dock (6-pin version only), 4-slot battery charger, hand strap, rubber boot, scan handle, battery, etc.

Backward compatibility: The Honeywell ScanPal EDA56 is backward compatible with accessories for the ScanPal EDA52.